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The cultivation the olive-tree was a very important branch country life. Planting, irrigating, pruning, and shaking, called for constant attentions, for no tree more fickle in the matter bearing. The oliveyards Tuscany vied with the vineyards in area under cultivation.

Wealthy citizens owned scores and hundreds trees, whilst the humblest contadino had his two or Agricultural ways are slow paraphrasing online change, for, in the present day, the methods shaking and collecting the dark purple-green fruit are exactly those five hundred years ago.

Big canvas sheets are spread upon the ground under each tree, into which nimble youths climb armed with long thin sticks shake gently each branch and cluster, that the berries shall not injured their fall. The value in ordinary years the yield each tree-beating averaged ten twelve doctoral dissertation gold florins, equal or Tuscan oliveyards were always more or less troubled visitations the dreaded Mosca olearia, the olive pest. Expedients many kinds were employed year after year check its ravages, which sometimes caused the entire failure the crop, and moreover weakened the tree for future bearings.

Essays on helping the needy

The methods employed for the extraction the oil were pretty much those now in use all over Italy.

Each podere had its olive-press and clearing-mill, generally lumbering constructions wood and iron, which were worked both hand and ox-power. The price good average olive-oil in the fifteenth century was six lire ten soldi a barrel equal one-half a packmule or ass burden. The best oil was produced at Lucca, Calci and Buti the north Florence.

That there was an ample and constant supply fruit all kinds for consumption in Florence, borne out the characteristic summary which Buonaccorso Pitti gives in his Chronicle the fruit trees in his garden. He says On the twenty-fourth April in the year, being natal day, I counted all the fruit trees in garden and vineyard, and found that, exclusive hazel-nuts, they amounted five hundred and sixty-one, fig trees sixty four, peaches one hundred and six, plums eighty, cherry trees fifty-eight, almond-trees twenty-four, apples twenty five, and pears sixteen.

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There are besides six orange trees, seven pomegranates, two quinces, four walnuts, and nine Amarini bitter cherry.

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In addition sixty olive trees automatic essay writer in full bearing there are a great many more fruit trees all kinds, which have not yet borne any crop, but maybe they will if the The Fattore bailiff was the owner's agent, and superintended the working the different poderi and rendered his master a bi-annual account. These men were sometimes cruel the mezzadrt, and not always too honest in their relations with the landlord but, scientific paper writing services generally speaking, they were conspicuous for fairness and discrimination in their dealings.

Many them, after serving a lengthy stewardship the land and having acquired some considerable property, settled in the city, and became Wine-merchants, General provision dealers and Innkeepers.

Indeed was no uncommon custom for a Fattore matriculated in one the Arti, Vinattieri? or degli Albergalori and this spread the better to-do mezzadri who thus were able carry the combined trade Some idea the conditions property, and the relations between landlord and tenant, may gained from the example Guido del Antella, who has been already named in this book. That was a man means shown the fact his letting certain premises for shops. One these had a rental fifteen gold florins a year, with a fat goose at the Feast All Saints each year according, as careful add, the feudal custom. need help writing a term paper let a piece land, or podere, condition custom essay UK that the tenant should yield him at Christmas, one hundred and fifty pounds weight pork, with a couple capons, and five dozen eggs and at Easter, a couple capons and five dozen eggs. In addition the farmer was bound deliver his waggon the portions wheat, oats, and oil, and half the portion wine which were his due as proprietor. The farmer too had tend certain vines belonging his landlord, and had break in each year two span oxen which had part-purchase. Sales land were generally effected at Or San Michele where a number Agremensori Surveyors were in daily attendance. Their fee was one gold florin for each sale effected, with what now call a stamp-duty nine soldi.


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