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They received however overtures from Guild Silk and attached themselves that corporation, the understanding that they manipulated This Lombardian Company became very prosperous under their new auspices, and were known, far and wide, for their hospitality and benevolence.

They established shelters for Dyers, Migliore, Firenze citta nobilissima.

who had passed fifty years age, which they gave the name Gerolocomio perhaps Home for the distressed and aged. Here pensioners dwelt with their families, upon whose earnings Later again another Company Dyers found their way Florence. They were also from Lucca, and were tempted doubtless the high wages the workpeople employed the Guild Silk. Under their banner, upon the Cross, clothed from head foot in a long silken vestment, they settled in houses belonging Ser Girolamo Baldesi, near the Hospital The policy admitting skilled workmen from outside was as excellent as was far sighted. Every trade bound profit immensely the infusion new blood, and this proved conspicuously the case Guild Silk and its workpeople. The importance the mulberry in connection with the manufacture silk cannot, course, overestimated. For nearly two centuries, however, the Florentine silk merchants made little or no attempt cultivate the tree in the neighbourhood Florence. They were content collect the eggs and cocoons the silkworm, means their agents in the East, and elsewhere, who transported them, together with immense consignments The success, or failure, the silk trade depended absolutely upon the supply the raw material, and consequently, as the industry became more and more prosperous, behoved manufacturers find increased sources production. Hence, at the end the fourteenth century, and early in the fifteenth, many Provvisioni were passed the Consuls and Council Guild Silk, which were approved the State Council, for increasing the cultivation the Mulberry. These are apparently the dissertation online help first intimations its introduction into Tuscany.

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was enacted that every podere, or farm, there should planted, at least, five mulberry trees annually, until the number in vigorous The trees throve wonderfully, and manufacturers reflected upon their want prescience in the past. Two classes agriculturists were especially interested in the propagation the silk-worm food, and they were enrolled under two designations, the Consuls Guild, namely Padroni Terreni, owners suitable land for the growth mulberry-trees, and Maestri Mori Foglie, Mulberry growers and Purveyors mulberryleaves.

The Guild acquired the land the former, direct purchase, or lease, and employed the expert assignment writers latter carry the cultivation, under rules and bye-laws specially drawn The success the new enterprise was manifest immediately. The climate admirably suited the tree, and, in richness and luxuriance, the yield equalled that other lands whilst the silk worms benefited immeasurably their fresh and luscious i need help with my research paper pasturage.

Probably the scientific methods these sapient cultivators had much with this favourable result. Moreover other silk manufacturing cities in Italy essay editing service database coursework reviews began send their merchants and dealers Florence for the purpose buying silk worms, cocoons, and mulberry leaves. Guild paraphrasing websites Silk met this commerce in a spirit protection, and a Provvisione was passed forbidding the export everything term paper help online connected with the manufacture, worms, cocoons, raw-silk, and mulberry-leaves being Richard Dallington, an intelligent English traveller in Italy in the middle the sixteenth website that writes research papers century, writes thus about the cultivation silk worms and mulberry trees, and the prospects the Silk industry generally I will speak the Mulberry, for that the mention thereof draweth consequently therewith all the discourse the Silke-worme, which being another the greatest commodities Tuscany.

paraphrasing machine i cant write my essay In the months May and June this worme laboureth. when they are laid in the Sunne, and hatched, but for want heate, and have them betimes, the wormes will hatch them in their bosoms. So soon as they wormes they have mulberie leaues given them, Survey the Great Duke's Estate Tuscany. whereof they only feed, which purpose are daily great store trees planted the leaues sold at foure quattrini the pound. The rest the year they only kept in some warme and close places, where they may neither endangered cold nor thunder, for either destroyeth them. When she hath wrought herselfe into a bottome, they put into warme water finde the end thereof, but if they would preserve the worme for seed, then they finde the end without putting the bottome into water for this killeth the worme.


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