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The fine for infraction was two hundred lire? All such persons were warned against currying hides with cinders or ash, or treating leather any tanning mixture which would become a nuisance the neighbourhood. Leather could Rub. Ixxv.

Rub. Ixxvi. not sold in the market, or at the tanyards, which was not perfectly dry, and well cured, and free from putrefaction, under risk fines not less than one hundred lire. Tanners and scrap-leather dealers were forbidden burn the hoofs and horns cattle, and the hard corns upon horse skins and cow hides for use in the process currying. All help on writing workers in leather were forbidden work in secret. Every tanyard and article writers wanted dresser's shop was inspected from time time. Stringent regulations were in force dealing with offal and other unsavoury and insanitary matters. Cuttings and rubbish were ordered burnt or removed.

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The skinning dead carcasses was not permitted within the city, and the limits were constantly enlarged wherein such prohibition held good, until, in the sixteenth century, no Beccai slaughterer-skinner, was allowed exercise his calling within a radius ten independent dissertation writers miles from the Palazzo The ordinary outfit Tanner and Currier cost the rather considerable sum eighteen gold florins probably this sum included expenses incurred through the distance the scene The methods the Florentine Tanners would seem have been much as follows The raw hides were first salted check putrefaction, and limed in weak lime liquor and brought a suitable condition for dishairing and fleshing, within somewhere about three months. Then they were placed between layers coarsely ground oak bark in pits until full, when a thick topping bark was put over them. where to buy resume paper No water or any other kind liquid writers help was allowed get into the pits. These packs were taken and reversed writing services company several times, fresh oak bark being introduced.

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This kind tanning occupied somewhere about eighteen Oak-bark was the only tanning medium used in early days, and there was no limit in the supply. All around buy a thesis statement Florence were thick forests oak trees, which not only provided the Rub. ccxx.

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Cantini. Galigai with their material, but also fed the fires and furnaces all the houses and workshops in the city and Contado. Quick-witted Tanners however disregarded the rule about the introduction water, and, knowing the virtues the Arno, they freely phd dissertation writing used douches, and were able secure rapid absorption The next process was handling, in which the hides were transferred larger pits, and then turned over every day in a liquid or ooze made oak-bark. essay on helping the poor and needy This process lasted five or six weeks. In later times robbia and other dyes in liquid form were introduced in the Tanning process, as thoroughly saturate the skins which was wished finish coloured or dyed.


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