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This decrease course, accounted for the fact that in the absence small-pox in considerable proportions difficult obtain vaccinations, and also the fact that the vaccinating force not what was a year ago.

There should, however, in judgment, no considerable let in the matter vaccination. Especially this true in the public schools, and I would therefore recommend that at least three Vaccinators appointed who shall devote their entire time vaccination in the public schools. This vaccination can, a certain extent, done the regular Medical School Inspectors, but diverts them from their regular duties, and the work will not in judgment, as satisfactorily done as if performed a corps Vaccin?tors who shall systematically through the public schools offering vaccination Tuberculosis Three thousand and forty-two cases tuberculosis were reported during the present year, an increase cases over. This in judgment, an indication that physicians are reporting their cases tuberculosis much more completely than heretofore. It certainly true that the physicians are taking advantage a greater extent than formerly having the sputum their patients examined Typhoid Fever The number cases typhoid fever reported this year, exactly the same as reported. Chicken-pox Nine hundred cases this disease were reported during, an Whooping-cough The reported cases this disease amounted. Inasmuch as whooping-cough was not required reported prior this year there are no corresponding records. quoted. Fumigation and Disinfection The work performed the fumigating and disinfecting corps has been very satisfactory.

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Although, unless the force employed for this purpose increased, I fear that the promptness which has heretofore characterized this work will not prevail such an extent in the future as has prevailed in the past.

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buying a term paper online There also an increased demand for Drivers the goods wagons.

Both these hire writers matters have already been called your attention in requisitions which have been forwarded.

There no doubt but that the force at the present employed entirely Medical.School Inspection This work has gone during in as complete a manner as possible for such work carried considering the paucity the force employed.

Some the Medical School Inspectors in this borough have assigned them ten or twelve schools, and impossible for them cover these schools satisfactorily a daily inspection. To the work adequately would require at least The work the Medical School Inspectors has been very materially aided the efficient services the Nurse.s employed in connection with this work.

Summer Corps The work the Summer Corps during the summer months o£ the year was most satisfactorily performed.

In connection with this subject, very interesting i need someone to write an essay for me note the reduction the death rate children under five years age from diarrhoeal diseases during the months June, July, August and September a yearly basis for the following series years The deaths children under five years age during the months July and August, in the Borough Brooklyn were, which the personal statement service toronto smallest number deaths in that age period in any year since, when there were, notwithstanding the fact that the population in Brooklyn. whereas. In this connection interesting note that the census showed that Brooklyn had a higher percentage children under five years education dissertation topics age than Manhattan and The Bronx, the figures being. per cent, for Manhattan and The Bronx and. per cent, for Brooklyn. During the current year there has been a great increase in the number complaints received. Up November, citizens complaints and, original complaints Inspectors have been entered the records, as against, both classes for the year. The investigation this large number complaints, together with other work, entailed a severe tax the Inspectors this Division.


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