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Fifty years later, in I, the year the silencing the Campana and the end the Republic, the numbers Totila's Florence were again reached, college essay review services namely, but then Ichabod was written big over the workshops the one time busy city, and her population was numbered upon a downward grade the lowest figure fifty thousand was reached. The financial prosperity the Republic in the middle the thirteenth century shown extracts from the annual accounts Receipts and Expenditure.

The average the former totalled three hundred thousand gold florins, the latter less than fifty thousand a yearly balance the right side the account nearly, was no mean profit. The following rough and abbreviated Balance-Sheet may aptly show the financial position in the fourteenth century Salaries Podesta, and his attendants. The almost endless variety articles commerce, which were despatched and from Florence, in the early years the fourteenth century, may seen in an inventory goods, forwarded, from Pisa Florence.

The following are some the items Old cloth-remnants, sea-fish, old iron, palmbranches, a bundle veils and shawls, books, Tunisian washedwool, sugar, chests full men's clothes, pike-staffs, drawn silk in hanks, silk-worm eggs, silk fibre unwound, Siena wine, saddles, In another inventory are tabled Nine hundred and fifteen pieces gold and white tinsel for leather embossing, one parcel can i pay someone to write my paper new keys, a cloak-bag leather, velvet saddle-bags, seven balls raw Sardinian lambs wool, dogs collars, linen gloves, Greek wine, a bale horse brushes, a bundle sundries from Bulgaria, During the greater part the fifteenth century the mean price wheat was one lira, two soldi, eight denari per bushel wine both red and white twenty-seven soldi, eight denari a barrel oil, six lire, ten soldi i need help writing an apa paper a barrel fresh butchers meat, four Artizans, bankers, and merchants, were the founders the wealth the Republic.

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The rolls Gonfalonieri and other State officials contain the names men all sorts and conditions. Every man paid his quota the common purse, and undertook the share the common burden. In this connection may interesting note the amounts received from direct taxation in each the six sestieri vary, not with respect their class superiority from rich poor, but rather the In the sum total raised in this way This equality, or indeed superiority the Popolo Minuto contributions the Public Exchequer had very much with the manners, the dress, and the food the people. The responsibility upholding the State raised the character and A MERCHANT'S DINNER PARTY IN THE LOGGIA OF HIS HOUSE demeanour all classes the population.

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There was a levelling as call throughout the whole Florentine society. The hovel became a small house, the small house a town residence, and the town residence a palace. Fittings, furniture, decorations, utensils, etc.


all followed suit, and ennobled festive boards and homely meals alike. Still the old-world habit hoarding and self-denial held its ground, with help with dissertations respect certain private indulgences. The use silver plate, for example, until well in the fifteenth century, was regarded as ostentatious, even upon the table the richer citizens. At most, forks and spoons and cups were allowed in the precious metals, other vessels were brass including candlesticks, basins, and dishes.

It was nevertheless quite customary emblazon the owner's coat-of-arms, or crest, in silver upon each such At public banquets, however, these limitations were disregarded, and no community could offer such regal magnificence in their table equipage as could the Merchant-princes Florence. They gloried in the fact that, whilst in private life they kept the good old rules simplicity and frugality, in their public entertainments they surpassed reigning monarchs in prodigality. This characteristic had been all along very marked in the private life and public service the help with an essay merchants. None were too proud not put one hand upon shuttle, scale, knife, or other implement, in the exercise their craft, whilst with the other they directed the great policies the State. Never perhaps was the wealth and importance Florence more strikingly exhibited than during the Jubilee Pope Boniface. She sent Rome an embassy splendidly equipped, and representative every era in her history. Not only but, through her bankers and her merchants resident in, or dealing with, foreign states, she contrived that the representatives, specially accredited the Papal Court for the ceremonies the Jubilee almost all the European Powers, were actually Florentines.


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