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Semen may escape from the vagina after coitus and contaminate the female urine. Fecal matter may passed regularly in case rectovesical fistula or other means communication between the urinary passages and the bowel. Thread-worms may passed in these cases.

Fragments malignant i need help writing a personal statement or other tumors, especially a vesical papilloma, may pass in the urine, and may in sufficiently good state preservation value histologically.

Parasites The most important are the ova the Schistosoma hematobium, and the embryos the Filaria sanguinis hominis, both associated with hematuria, and the latter with chyluria. The Trichomonas vaginalis, Anguillula aceta?, amebtr, echinococcus hooklets, or fragments a cyst wall, and rarely the Strongylus gigas have Calculi small and moderate size may pass in the urine, and may come from the kidneys directly, from the bladder, or the urethra. The phosphatic and ammonium urate stones are generally bladder origin, but may come from the urethra. best college essay writing service Uric acid, calcium oxalate and the rare cystin, indigo, urostealith and Xanthin stones are formed Bacteria. Xormal urine should practically free from bacteria. The average specimen examined has been more or less contaminated before reaches the stage microscopic examination, and a few organisms may pass without attracting serious attention. If there a blood infection, especially the typhoid or colon bacillus, myriads bacteria are excreted through the kidney and EXAMINATION OF THE creative writing coursework BODY FLUIDS often give a distinct turbidity the specimen a condition termed bacilluria.

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Lesions professional ghostwriting services in the course the urinary tract may permit streptococci, staphylococci, gonococci, tubercle bacilli, ray fungi, etc. infect the urine.

The yeast fungus common in diabetic urine.

The smegma bacillus constitutes a common contamination and requires a special watchfulness in case the tubercle bacillus sought. The micrococcus urea? present in ammoniacal urine. Bacteria many varieties are found in infections the urethra, top rated essay writing websites bladder, and pelvis, for a full description which the reader referred the special works the subject.

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Crystalline Sediment. In acid urine may find uric acid crystals, and calcic oxalate commonly, and rarely hippuric acid, cystin, leucin, tyrosin, and a few other crystallin substances. In concentrated urines an abundant precipitate acid online english writing help urates sodium and potassium often occurs, giving the pinkish or reddish custom academic writing services brick dust sediment. It romeo and juliet essay help soluble upon boiling. In alkaline specimens the most common crystal the familiar one triple phosphate. With find associated dumb-bell crystals calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate, plates magnesium phosphate, thorn-apple crystals and needles dissertation consulting service ammonium urate, amorphous phosphates, and carbonates magnesium and calcium. Cholesterin plates are occasionally found, and the blue needle-shaped crystals indigo. Epithelial Cells, A few irregular flat cells from the bladder and urethra are normally present in the sediment, and in the urine women similar cells from the vaginal essay on customer service wall, generally in stratified groups as they have scaled website that will write an essay for you oflE from the mucous surface.


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