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Caps latizzi, young vair-skin, and vair mixed with other furs, were in general use.

The fur-lined tunics soldiers, especially cavalry, gave fashions civilians, who, both sexes, understood well enough the comfort and grace tight-fitting but yielding clothing.

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The vogue for the wearing fur increased along with that silken ornaments, and marked the prosperity Florence, and the sumptuousness her merchants and people. The great use made vair or miniver the superior clergy evidenced in a register the expenses the Papal Court at Balducci Pegolotti. Avignon in January.

Therein an entry, which states that Francesco, need help my dissertation merchant Florence, and Giovanni Anastasio, furrier, Spoleto, supplied sixty-nine heavy cloaks and hoods, made miniver, for winter wear persons attached the Court the June I, the same Francesco, merchant and furrier, one hundred and seventy-eight summer vestures, edged with miniver for summer use at the Papal Court, at a total cost gold florins.

Vair or miniver was the fur most commonly in use, but certain restrictions confined the State robes dignitaries, and the official dress Judges, Doctors and Knights.

The Archivio del Vaticano, folio.

former were called abiti riguardo and were also adopted ecclesiastics, a use which has remained our own day in the capes canons and other dignified clergy.

Boccaccio, ever observant customs and fashions, says Esteemed are the garments lined with vair whereon falls ofttimes the sword knighthood. By way contrast, and show the fondness Florentines for ridicule, and their hatred assumption dignity citizens, that inimitable critic, Antonio Pucci, tells how in his day they clothed the fool in vair. This has reference Villanrs story Giudetto della Torre, who sent a buffoon yell at the cowardly Matteo Vincenti Milan. The fool brought back an answer which pleased Giudetto that bestowed upon his witty messenger the furred robe a baron, and gave him a good palfrey boot ! In a very quaint brochure written one Charrier, and published in Paris, many curious customs and superstitions connected with the wearing fur in the sixteenth century are recorded. He says Bachelors Knights ?, Doctors Law, Emperors and Doctors Medicine are vested in the furs which represent the mysteries Theology, the maxims politics, and the secrets medical science ! For the use furs cures headache and stomach-ache rheumatism, which defeats the most powerful remedies, removed the skins cats, lambs, and Charrier goes assert with pride that all the ornaments which luxury has invented there are none glorious, august, and precious as fur.

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The privileges and honours Furriers and Skinners, adds, surpass quite rightly those The question dress was always more or less important in the ethics Florence, and, inasmuch as the chief industries, and the best website to buy research papers bulk the commerce the city and Contado, were intimately concerned with such things as clothes are made a subject which cannot overlooked in any true appreciation the Florentines in the twelfth century preserved many need help writing my research paper the customs their Roman forebears. They continued wear the woollen shirt, or vest, with the big round cloak, or toga, made their native wool. These garments were plain and undyed for the use the lower classes, and coloured and ornamented for In his Paradiso Dante speaks primitive Florence thus Florence, within her ancient limit-mark, Which calls her still matin-prayers and noon, Was chaste and sober, and abode in peace. Of Nerli and Vecchio, well content With unrobed jerkins, and their good dames handling The spindle and the flax O happy they ! Ricordano Malespini records that, the year, Florentines did not disdain coarse stuffs, and many were satisfied clothe themselves in skins, and wear fur caps and low leather shoes. The men had a close tight-fitting garment woven goats hair dyed scarlet. All wore girdles, generally independent dissertation writers fine leather, which the better dressed added buckles. The women were wont cover their heads with cloth, or linen, The habits the Religious Orders were adapted from the dress the peasantry, which consisted a tunic or shirt rough frieze, reaching well below the knees, with a woollen girdle. The legs were bare, but in winter and wet weather leather buskins cheap term paper writing service were worn all classes and orders. The manners, and life generally, college essay help nyc the people Florence, towards the end the thirteenth century, were marked gravity, sobriety, and frugality. Their homely fare cost them little, they cared not for rich eating. Each household lived very much itself, and few and far between were public entertainments.


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