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The five candidates, thus selected, could not partners in the same business house or company, nor associated with any the retiring Electors, who were fully matriculated and active members the Guild, resident within the Contado, had, for each retail shop held one individual, one vote whilst the possession a wholesale factory, gave the company two votes.

The voting was casting black and white beans.

If any chosen candidate buy cheap papers online was white best place to buy a research paper beaned the three scrutators caused another selection names drawn from the urn and until the election was consummated. Failure personal statement writing service london the part merchants attend, and vote, was punishable fines whilst those who were finally essay write service elected were obliged serve their terms office, or forfeit twenty-five lire.

Each Consul received a salary about forty lire, and the Treasurer ten lire, for their terms office. The four Consuls were bound strict rules. They were not allowed beyond the boundaries the Contado, except for religious purposes, or behalf the interests the Guilder, when nominated, as ambassadors the Republic who will write my paper for me foreign The duties the Consuls were i grant matriculation those whom they considered worthy decide civil and criminal suits between members the craft, and their workpeople protect the factories, shops, and agencies the members the Guild, whether at home or abroad assist merchants in the recovery credits disburse the charities, and superintend the pious works the Guild represent the Guild all official and ceremonial occasions and generally safeguard the interests the Guild and its individual The Consuls were also called upon nominate representatives the Guild in all foreign countries, with which there were commercial relations. Lastly they had authority appoint, when necessary, a Court Arbitration settle all trade disputes, whether within or without the obedience Calimala This court was composed six influential merchants, whom was entrusted the interpretation the Statutes and Ordinances the Every month the Consuls Calimala met the Consuls or Heads the other Guilds the City, in consultation, upon general commercial essay writers mba essay editing services cheap matters preparatory the preservation measures and provisions the Council State. These meetings bore a political aspect, and were all powerful in the government the Republic. The Consuls were assisted in the exercise their functions two Councils. The first, called General, was composed twelve members, merchants belonging separate houses or companies within the Guild.

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All matters general interest were submitted, during three successive phd writer days, this Council for approval or the reverse.

The second Council, styled Special, had eighteen members, chosen from among master-merchants, who had knowledge special departments in the operations the Guild and the affiliated Crafts. To them were submitted the General Council all matters which required expert advice their session also extended over three days. Their report was handed the General Council, who, after arriving at a final decision, placed the matter before the Consuls. To avoid packing the Councils no companies, or affiliated trades in connection with the Calimala were permitted have more than two representatives.

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All votes were taken means beans. The Treasurer, who was required at least thirty years age, was called upon deposit a sum one hundred lire, way caution money upon taking office. To his charge were committed the cash books and the keys the Guild. He was not allowed, however, make any payments behalf the Guild, without the approval all four Consuls. To prevent undue influence, and protect him from claims and statement of purpose writing service bribes, no member his family, or his company, was eligible succeed him until two whole years had passed after his term office had In addition these principal officers there were a number officials who assisted them in the discharge their duties. The Notary, a member the Guild Judges and Notaries was attached the persons the Consuls. He was always non-Florentine birth and training, and was forbidden social terms with the members the Guild, and no account eat or drink with them ! He acted as spokesman for the Consuls in Court online paper writers and at meetings a very sensible arrangement pay someone to write your paper seeing that there was no educational or elocutionary qualification for the superior office ! It was his duty instruct the Consuls in the execution their functions, explain them the bearings the Statutes, Provisions, and Bye laws, etc. upon all questions procedure, and see that every regulation was duly observed the Guildsmen at large, and the Consuls in particular. He was directed render his report every month a special panel merchants chosen lot.


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