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It especially found under conditions overcrowding and uncleanliness and rather more often in the city than in the country.

Soldiers in barracks and inmates badly arranged and ventilated sleeping quarters are frequently attacked. The mode conveyance still under investigation. Indi vidual immunity must common, for rarely see more than one case in a family or household. There seems no proof that ever carried a third person.

It assumed that the disease carried the secretions the mouth, nose, and eyes, for the meningococcus has been repeatedly demonstrated in these secretions.

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help writing college application essay The disease not contagious in the sense that measles and scarlet fever are. Immunity com monly established one attack, but a second may occur.

Clinical Forms. The disease varies immensely in different individuals and in different epidemics. Ordinary Type.

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After an unknown period incubation the disease begins abruptly, with cheap ghost writer services chill, vomiting, and violent headache, write my thesis and backache, photophobia, help me write my paper delirium, coma and convulsions may supervene.

Convulsions may among the earliest features in children. Vertigo may replace or accompany headache.

Hyperacusis, hyperesthesia, and priapism are common.

Pains along the spine and in the extremities appear, and stiffness and retraction the neck, pain upon swallowing and upon moving the spine, strabismus, ptosis, nystagmus, irregularity the pupils, facial palsies, opisthotonus, muscle cramps, and hemiplegia, paraplegia, or other types paralysis are common features.

The patient restless and irritable, and a violent delirium may occur, often followed somnolence dissertation binding or The temperature runs, ordinarily, between or, and often higher before death. It more irregular and less characteristic than in most acute infectious diseases. The pulse, full at first, likely become feeble, soft, weak, and irregular, and moderate frequency. The slow pulse noted in tuberculous meningitis not often seen. The respiration apt irregular, paper writing service sighing, and moderately increased in frequency. Cheyne-Stokcs respiration common. The tongue resembles that typhoid. Constipation the rule. Polynucleosis thousand occurs.


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