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Very wealthy men and ostentatious, indeed, had their state robes lined with these costly furs, and later in the history the furrier industry, the same dignified personages added skins and furs and tails rare Eastern animals the splendour their habiliments.

Only indirectly, and quite in a subsidiary sort way, did the Guild deal with heavy skins such as those horses, cattle, mules, asses, goats, and sheep. These formed the staple the industry tanning, and provided materials for manipulation members the minor Guilds Saddlers, Shoemakers, and Pagnini has preserved records the varieties and values skins and furs which ruled in the middle the fourteenth In thus reckoning hundreds, a curious, and perhaps characteristic, custom prevailed, namely that counting upon a start from four ten probably each word the established divine or saintly invocation reckoning at the outset the enumeration In the Gabella the following rates were charged upon skins and furs offered for sale in the city per hundred, dressed Vaio and Faina two pounds, Lattizi, Ermellino, and Martora three pounds.

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Vair being largely used was naturally a prominent object for taxation, not only in the annual special Gabelle, raised for extraordinary State purposes, but also at the gates the city in the ordinary way customs imports. Raw fur was made ready for use softening the pelts, skins, or hides, with sweet olive oil, and then trampling upon them in tubs filled with fine hardwood sawdust at bloodheat.

The pelt was cheap writing services removed and drawn over sharp knives remove portions flesh or other adhesive substances. The thickest hide was in this way rendered dissertation writing service uk as soft and pliable as the thinnest kid The Furrier then sorted the skins treated, with respect colour and texture hair, and cut dissertation proposal services them the model required. The pelt was next nailed down a board damp and stretched pins. The last process was trimming and softening the The greater number the workshops and sale emporiums the Guild were situated along the fine Via de Pellicciai.

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No more professional ghostwriter attractive thoroughfare could found in old Florence, and in none other did many men and women fashion congregate daily admire and covet the splendid furs exhibited the merchants the Guild. Here the Lamberti, the Toschi, the Cipriani, the Pilli and others vied with one another in the variety their stocks and in the perfection their methods and styles The commerce in skins became greatly extended and very important. Treaties were entered into with Ferrara and Mantua with respect export and import.

a convention was signed between the Commune Florence and the Counts Mugnone concerning the making and keeping a certain trade route between Florence and Bologna.

The expenses the enterprise were laid upon the values and weights goods transported there along.

Among the taxes was that one pound upon each load fox or cat skins. The value the mixed furs exported Guild Furriers and Skinners was very great, and the transport convoys were constantly in danger attack and robbery. Among reprisals addressed the Priors Florence in this behalf was one delivered the Council State Siena, seeking restitution for two bales coverlets miniver, consigned Florentine merchants from Grosseto Siena, or compensation in money upon the finding the joint Court Arbitration. Cibrario has many entries the exports and values furs dressed the Guild Furriers and Skinners in Florence. For example, under the date, eighty-seven marten skins, for the lining a cloak for Amadeo. Savoy, delivered in Rome twenty-seven gold florins. Everybody wore furs, more or less valuable, and even the austere rules clothing observed in the religious houses were relaxed, until luxury and ostentation in clerical need help write my paper dress became a scandal. A council held in London passed a decree forbidding Abbesses and other holy nuns from wearing skins online essay service any kind except those lambs, cats, and rabbits. Again Cardinal Sant Angelo regulated the habits monks, that none were allowed new fur garments oftener than every third year, and these were not lined with the skins fox, or leopard, or firstlings sheep. Two sorts capes were allowed one, white fur, for the summer, and one darker shades grey, in winter the latter only were a large In the thirteenth century every one wore a pellucid, short cloak, lined with vair, ermine, or other fur. Many better-to-do citizens also possessed long cloaks lined with vair, and bordered with finer furs.


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