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The Piazza della Signoria was the original site the biennial Marco Foscari, Discorsi Del. Ev. Tus.

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cloth sales, but, in the fifteenth century, the fair had attained such large proportions, that was removed the Piazza San Spirito, in Oltrarno, and the Via Maggio and the neighbouring streets. The Venetians were great purchasers Florentine-made cloths, which they exported in considerable quantities Syria, Candia, and Istria.

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In the very centre the city resided the Consuls, within the writing the thesis buy essays precincts Or San Michele and their Residence, the ancient Palazzo de Comprobbisi, communicated an arched-covered stairway, built in the sixteenth century, with the Shrine and Granary across the street.

From the massive and battlemented tower they could survey the operations their workpeople in the immediate neighbourhood, and the waggons and strings mules bearing in and out the materials their craft across the bridges. It bore the name Archivio de Contratti the Registry Contracts, thesis paper because within were preserved the Registers Commissions made behalf the Guild.

This tower still exists and bears the sculptured arms the Guild, which were emblazoned also upon the Gonfalon, and cunningly united the devotional instincts the Florentine people with the emblems their city and their craft.

They were Upon a red field, a white Agnus Dei bearing a red-crossed white banneret, under four blue lilies, and a wool-comber's iron-rake. The interior the Residence was richly decorated.

The Hall Audience, which occupied the whole the first floor, had a finely painted ceiling with plaster mouldings supported upon massive marble pillars, and the walls were covered with frescoes.

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A wide staircase communicated with an upper storey, which was lighted large stained glass windows. Upon a slab pietra serena were the college essay help service sculptured arms the Guild, This date synchronises with the restoration the Residence The Guild possessed not only palaces, houses, shops and farms, but also six great cloth stretching grounds at Orbetello, between the Via degli Alfani and the Via della Pergola, the Lung Arno dell Aquila, along the Via de Servi, the Via San Piero Gatolino, and the Via dell Uccello and many Fulling-mills. The Guild Wool owned and rented many factories in the Contado, among them the Fabbrica Castagnolo the Pisa road, which was sold the Delia Stuffa family, a date remarkably early, and indicative the pristine expansion the woollen industry. Very many convents and family dwellings, within easy reach the Residence the Consuls, were the quarters busy workers under the Guild auspices.

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The monastery Santa Maria della Disciplina was, in the occupation the famous Capponi family, and sheltered quite a number woollen spinners college paper writing services and weavers. Two questions constantly gave rise fresh legislation help me write a descriptive essay wages and foreign competition. The workpeople knew perfectly well what enormous profits the wool merchants and manufacturers made in their relations with outside markets. They understood without the least difficulty that the one hand, their employers had command the best supplies the raw material, whilst the other, the prices for Florentine cloth everywhere ruled the highest. This pre-eminent position, they also judged quite rightly, was due very largely their own individual and collective skill in workmanship. Joining forces, the operatives the two Guilds Calimala and Wool placed the question wages in the forefront Note The following old Tiratoli, Fulling-mills, belonging members the Guild Wool, were still in existence at the end the nineteenth century dell AgHolo and del Cavallo ! both near Porta Romana, della Pergolla Sant Egidio, delle Convcrtite Via Chiara, and degli Agricoli Via degli Alfani, with dell Uccello, and della Porticciuola d'Arno both the river bank. Cantini, Legislazione. Another element also contributed the urgency the matter the constant hardening prices in the commodities daily life.


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