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Circulars calling attention its provisions do my paper for money were distributed the dealers, and resulted in much increased attention the proper icing milk. It hoped that in another year conditions will permit the same rigid enforcement this provision as the other national junior honor society essay help provisions the Code relating milk.

There has been no change in the methods meat inspection from those followed in the past.

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An Inspector stationed at each slaughter-house, where careful examinations are made the animals the hoof, followed post mortem examinations the slaughtered animals.

The markets and retail stores are systematically inspected. The section the Code prohibiting the exposure meat and fish has been rigidly enforced.

Many arrests have been professional custom writing services made, that violations this section are rare. One Inspector employed in the inspection fruits and vegetables. The Wallabout Market, being the great distributing centre for these products, most the time the Inspector devoted this market. The work issuing dissertation writing grants employment certificates has, during the current year, been much improved. Records all certificates issued are now kept in a form readily As in the past, the office facilities during the rush for vacation certificates, proved totally inadequate. Through the courtesy Mr. Brj an Smith, the use the hall the Long Island Historical Society as a waiting room for applicants was secured.

This resulted in much diminishing the hardships formerly endured applicants, who were compelled wait the street many hours with all attendant discomforts.

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The sincere thanks the Department are due Mr. Bryan Smith for his humane act in placing this hall at our disposal.

On October i a new law governing the issuance employment certificates went into effect. The chief points difference from the old law are in the proof the age the applicant, substituting documentary proof for the affidavit the parent, help with writing a dissertation proposal english writing and in largely increasing the classes employment for which certificates are required. Many cases arise in which the requirement documentary proof the age the child seems work great hardship and unjust discrimination. When such proof academic writer uk cannot furnished, usually through no fault the child or its parents. The law, however, results in an unfair discrimination between children whose birth happens recorded or who happen have a passport and those who are not able furnish the documents required. Some children are as well developed mentally and physically at thirteen years age as others at sixteen. I not wish argue for any diminution the age at which children should permitted to work, but does best dissertations seem that the test fitness should based physical and mental qualifications, the latter as attested attendance and attainments at school, rather than the accidental possession the proof age now required the law. The work the division has been much best place buy research paper online facilitated the co-operation the courts, and further the system procedure adopted in criminal cases. When a prisoner now arraigned before a magistrate, the officer instructed under section the Charter request behalf the Department Health that the case remitted Special Sessions.


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