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Incontinence also occurs as the result increased reflex excitability the bladder, as from a concentrated or irritating urine, cystitis, stone in the bladder, phymosis, seat-worms, or other cause irritation.

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The nocturnal incontinence neurotic children generally due originally the irritation a too concentrated urine, the frequent repetition establishing a habit very hard break and even persisting after the original irritation has disappeared.

Women frequently suffer from incontinence as the result injuries from parturition, and from various diseases the pelvic organs.

The sphincter gives way upon any slight increase in the intra-abdominal college paper writer pressure, most commonly from coughing, sneezing or laughing. This very frequent in pregnancy as the result a simple relaxation the sphincter without structural disease the D rsnria. Dysuria or painful micturition best understood describing separately the different factors which in various combinations cause the distress. By tenesmus mean the painful, spasmodic and almost continual efforts the bladder empty itself, even though contain but a small amount urine.

Violent bearing-down pains and distressing burning the urethra and perhaps rectal tenesmus are present.

Strangury often used with much the same meaning but should properly indicate a condition with greater pain and spasm. It frequently results in the passage but a few drops urine, mucus Dysuria may caused any condition the urine making irritating tlie mucous membrane the bladder and urethra. Too great concentration or acidity the urine an extremely common cause. After the absorption through the digestive tract, lungs or skin, certain irritants, dysuria may result.

Thus cantharides may absorbed through the skin, turpentine through the lungs, and these and many other drugs through the stomach, and cause Over-indulgence in red pepper, much used certain national URINARY AND GENERATIVE ORGANS ities, or the free consumption drinks flavored with ginger, etc. may even cause a temporary purulent discharge from the urethra, with much burning.

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writing a thesis Dysuria occurs in the vesical crises tabes.

Inflammation the urethra, as in gonorrhea or urethral chancre, or in connection with the eruption a variolous pock, and the bladder in the various forms cystitis, in cancer, tuberculosis, enlarged prostate, and vesical calculus, may the cause severe dysuria. Severe inflammations in the region the rectum, direct extension the inflammatory process, or in a reflex manner, also In women dysuria often results from dysmenorrhea or from some disturbance in the walls the bladder, or from disease other parts. Thus anteflexion the uterus, and other displacements a less extent, pressure tumors, prolapse the bladder wall, because ruptured perineum, and inflammatory adhesions the wall neighboring parts may act as causes. Slow Urination. This may result from obstruction in the urethra or insuflScient expulsive power in the bladder, generally nervous origin, but possibly because inflammation extending the walls from without. medical research paper for sale Careful physical examination will usually determine Frequent Urination. This occurs either because there more urine passed, as in the polyuria diabetes, or because the bladder over sensitive and demands relief before becoming filled, as in cystitis, or because the all ivy writing services bladder smaller than normal, as after some types inflammation. More common than any these the frequency resulting from purely nervous causes, as in neurotic individuals, and in normal ones under excitement. The passage blood, pus and various sediments in the urine considered in the chapter devoted the examination dissertation editing service that The multiform manifestations the effects venereal diseases, upon the original patient or upon others infected him, are such importance as demand that give the closest attention the PARESTHESIA, TREMOR, VERTIGO, COMA, ETC. investigation the genitalia.


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