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An injury the skull resulting in incurable imbecility. cheap essay writing service online The los separation one arm at or above the elbow, and ohe leg separation at or above the knee may deemed a permanent total disability. The above enumeration not taken as exclilsive and in, all other cases, permanent total disability shall determined.

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Temporary partial disability For temporary partial, disability, one-half the difference betwefen'the wages earned before the injury ahd the wages which the injured person able earn thereafter, but not more than forty dollars per month for a period writing a doctoral thesis essay service cheap not exceed sixty months during doctoral dissertations the period said disability.

For the purpose this provision any excess wages over one hundred and forty dollars per month shall not taken into account in computing compensation for tenjiporary partial disability. In case any the following specified injuries, the.

drsability caused thereby shall deemed a permanent partial disability, and the amounts help generate a thesis statement named, subject a minimum twenty dollars essay edit per month and a maximum sixty dollars per month, shall paid in addition the conipensation paid for temporary total disability.

For the loss write my essays a thumb, fifty per cent the average monthly wages during fifteen months. For the loss the first finger commonly called the index finger, fifty per cent the average monthly wages during nine months.

For the loss a second finger, fifty per cent the average monthly wages during seven months.

For the loss a third finger, fifty per cent the average monthly wages during five months. For the loss the fourth finger, commonly called the little finger, fifty per cent the average monthly The loss the distal or second phalange the thumb, or the distal or third phalange the first, second, third, or fourth, finger, shall considered a permanent partial disability, and equal the loss one-half such thumb or finger, and compensation shall one-half the amoimt specified for the, loss the entire thumb or finger. The loss more than one phalange the thumb or finger shall considered as the loss the entire finger or thumb provided, however, that in no ease shall best cheap essay writing service the amount received for more than one finger exceed the amount provided in this schedule for the loss a hand. For the loss a great toe, fifty per cent the average monthly wages during seven months.

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i For the loss one the other toes other than the great toe, fifty per cent the average monthly wages However, the loss the first phalange any toe shall considered equal the loss one-half such toe, and compensation shall one-half the amount above The permanent and complete loss the use a finger, tde, arm, hand, foot, or leg inay deemed the same as the loss any such member separation. The permanent and complete loss sight in one eye may deemed as the loss one eye.

Facial disfigurement For permanent disfigurement about the head or face, which shall include injury or loss, teeth, the commission may allow such sum for compensation thereof as may deem just, in accordance with the proof submitted, uk dissertation help but said compensation shall not exceed fifty per cent the average monthly wage, nor exceed sixty dollars per month during twelve months. In all cases permanent partial disability, not otherwise specified in the foregoing schedule, the percentage disability the total disability shall detertaihed. For the purpose computing compensation for a disability that partial in character but permanent in quality, the sum sixty dollars per month for the period one hundred months shall represent a one hundred per cent In determining the percentage disability, consideration shall given, among other things, any previous disability, the occupation the injured employee, the nature the physical injury, and the age the employee, at the time injury and the compensation paid therefor shall the percentage the disability caused the injury times fifty per cbnt the resume writing service average monthly wage, not exceed sixty dollars per month, for one hundred months during the life the injured employee. Whenever the monthly payments under this subsection are small that the payments thereof during the full period will work a hardship the beneficiary, or no substantial benefit, the period may shortened and the payments correspondingly increased in such manner that the same may substantial benefit the injured employee. Where there a previous disability as the loss one eye, one hand, one foot, or any other previous permanent disability, the percentage disability for a subsequent injury shall determined computing the percentage the entire disability and deducting therefrom the percentage the previous disability as existed at the The commission may adopt a schedule for rating permanent disabilities and reasonable and proper rules carry out the provisions this subsection. No compensation shall payable for the death or disability an employee, if his death caused or in far as his disability may aggravated, caused or continued an unreasonable refusal or neglect submit or follow any competent and reasonable surgical treatment or mediCal aid. As amended, Stats. and Stats. The following persons shall conclusively presumed totally dependent for support upon.


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