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This was without doubt the parent the British national game, brought England's public schools and colleges in the sixteenth century at the time the so-called Tuscan Fever, when many Florentine customs took The Piazza Santa Maria Novella was ever the scene religious fervour and warlike romance. Here was unfurled, in, the banner the Florentine Company the Second Crusade, which had been committed the charge proud Pazzino de Pazzi, the, in the neighbouring hospital San Donato alia Torre. Thither too rode back, at the head his knights, wearing the mural crown placed upon his brows To mark his gratitude Almighty Pazzino set apart a sum money pay for a perpetual annual remembrance the exploits his command. This festival still celebrated Holy Saturday with the ceremony the Sacred Fire, but has been transferred the Piazza del Duomo.

In this famous Square there were wont gather the ringleaders the city's tumults. Brave were the speeches and stout were the hearts those what is a good essay writing service fierce Wooden Shoes, as shouldering tool and weapon, they rallied the cry Evviva Popolo Sports and pastimes too found place and partizans under the shadow the glorious hospital.

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Pallone the foster-father Lackets and Court Tennis, was the special game, and the ball was tossed merrily against the massive walls and traceried windows, until prudence and the sense fitness led the writers services players The Piazza Santa Croce yielded none in the magnificence its pageants, nor in the romance its associations.

In early days given over the solemn chants monks and the harmless plays children, became the scene the city's welcome and entertainment her distinguished visitors. Together with exhibitions skill in arms, the Tournament and the Parade, was displayed the special Florentine game Calcio the parent Rugby Football, and introduced at that celebrated School Florentines in the sixteenth century. Twenty or more noble youths formed equal sides, clad in red and blue respectively.

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The rules, the players, and the ball, were all as see them to-day, only the artistic proclivities the Florentines surrounded them with splendid pageantry.

By the middle the sixteenth century Calcio reached its climax as great a sum as was spent in mounting the spectacle, and the spectators, ranged around the Square, numbered upwards forty thousand.

All that was noble and lovely forgathered, and true was the saying None but the brave deserve the fair. The spirits the mighty dead still hover over the Piazza for not the bodies the greatest men Florence lie buried within the sacred walls the grand old hospital ! The Piazza dell Annunziata had its annual fair, not a serious traffic mart in cloth and cheapest essay writing service silken tissue, but a winter festival and feast combined, in honour the Conception Saint Mary. To was given the name Fiera collina from the contadine, who came yearly out the hill country Pistoia and the Casentino, sing their plaintive hymns the Virgin Mary and sell their yarn and dried mushrooms, the former the produce the past year's home-industry, borne in big bundles upon their sturdy backs. Devotions completed and sales effected, the residue the day was devoted pleasure in the booths and among other attractions the fair ground. It was a mothers and a children's revel, with every innocent deception and delight.

Quack-doctors, conjurers, and cheapjacks roared out from their different pitches their nostrums, their tricks, and their bargains. Mystic pills allay headache, earache, and may heartache too, were had cheap enough, and antidotes against drowning, burning, and the like uncanny But the Square, quiet enough at other times, was the gracious scene much kindly benevolence the part the saintly Servite Brethren. There too, in later days, many a returned explorer related his fellow-citizens, and the members his Guild, the Doctors and Apothecaries, tales adventure and The Piazze de Brunelleschi, and Cipolle, cheap essays for sale were ever much frequented. In the former, also called Piazza Marroni, were, along with candied-chestnut vendors, shops Arte de Rigattieri where the newest things in tasteful nick-nacks deck a maiden's boudoir attracted many a loving couple. The latter, just behind the Strozzi Palace, was the dumping-ground the less odoriferous but ever popular onions. The salesmen displayed them the big stone benches, which surrounded the Square, and, whilst fashionables rarely risked a visit, many an amorous little city lass stole furtively along secure a love philtre, from one or other the old gossips, who sat meditating In almost every Square and open space young fellows good Biagi, Private Life the Florentines the Renaissance. birth and manners were accustomed engage in a curious sort game or posing called Civettino The Fop. Generally three youths were engaged together, and their essay writers review movements partook the graceful steps a minuet and the elegant postures the The building bridges has ever been regarded as a token vigorous political and commercial life.


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