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I again have acknowledge the valuable assistance where to buy writing paper rendered this office business men in various branches trade i need help with writing essay in giving advice as the preparation specifications covering supplies, in their respective lines business. The plans laid down for the purchase miscellaneous supplies not under contract during the year were continued and modified from time time as occasions presented themselves for improving the methods in vogue. During the year over two thousand nine hundred requisitions passed through the office.

The number orders issued each requisition averaged, as, about five, making approximately some fifteen thousand orders issued during the year.

For practically every one these orders at least two, and in many instances as many as five, requests for estimates were issued. It can, therefore, readily seen that the work in connection with this branch the office increased very largely during the year Increased activities in all branches the service made increased demands for blanks, books and stationery. As, many changes were made in existing forms, with the result that much stock was discarded and much was destroyed.

The number special requisitions sent the Cn Record office continued very large, and resulted in much more work for this branch the office.

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The same trouble with the printing contractor which was experienced was constantly harassing during the entire year.

The same contractor who caused the trouble had the contract for, notwithstanding the protest made someone to write my essay the Board City Record against the awarding the contract for the supplies this department this person. Many items were not delivered until December, and quite a number had The care the books, blanks and stationery in the borough offices was a subject some complaint during the year, as already mentioned in this report.

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Orders were issued have all these supplies cared for the Assistant Chief Clerks except in the Borough Manhattan, and put together in one place in a systematic manner.

In some instances blanks were found scattered through the buildings from the cellar the attic, and bundles different forms were found for which there had been much demand and which no one knew existed.

Reference has already been made briefly the contracts for the purchase supplies for the different hospitals and offices. Much effort was expended see that these were brought date, and, as already mentioned, errors in the specifications were corrected. During the year a great many contracts were made for new buildings and for repairs buildings already erected. The contract forms were all prepared in this office and the proofs were read and the advertisements prepared and forwarded the City Record for insertion in that paper.

The plans for spending the proceeds the Corporate Stock issued did not result in the letting any contracts for new buildings until. The contracts for the expenditure this money appropriated, therefore, were not drawn until, owing the fact that the architects did not complete the plans and specifications for the various buildings until the latter year. The general scheme for these improvements at the various hospitals having once been settled the architects were able complete their plans for the new buildings covered the appropriations for, during that year, with the result that both contracts proofread online were drawn in the one year. This made an unusual amount work in the contract department. Some fifty odd contract forms, covering new buildings as well as supplies, were prepared during the year. In the annual report for, under this heading, explanation was made as the methods employed in establishing stations throughout the city for the sale and distribution the Department's laboratory products. It was explained that under certain conditions these products were distributed free, upon the signing a so-called free-slip the college essay services physician in charge any particular case. The Commissioners Accounts, who had been investigating the books relating this branch the office, made an examination the free-slips obtained the Department, with the result that a recommendation was made the Mayor have the matter placed in the hands the Corporation Counsel for action.


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