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The Monastery became the heart and soul the trade Florence, whilst the lives Brethren, as they preferred called, furnished models self-control, business application, and religious zeal, each which had an immense influence upon the sympathetic nature the people. Towards the end the thirteenth century, however, a marked relaxation zeal was seen in the conduct the Umiliati, far as their efforts were concerned in directing and encouraging the woollen industry. Whether their religious Rule became more exacting, or whether the anachronism monks competing in the world's markets with merchants, or prudence in view political controversies, or lukewarmness in the prosecution their manufacturing enterprise, suggested the relaxation, no authority has Gradually the work the Monastery dwindled help with writing a dissertation away, and the operatives began ally themselves more closely with the Guild Wool.

At last, in I a resolution was arrived at the Generals the Order, which shut their factory doors, and for ever closed the labours nearly one hundred years. The monks retained possession the Monastery Ognissanti till, at which date Pope Pius suppressed their Order.

Among the trade associations subordinated the Guild The methods, employed the various sets operatives in the manufacture cloth, were a great extent the same which obtain to-day in countries where the introduction modern After the fleeces had been cut off, preferably in one whole piece, from pay to write my paper the sheep, they were washed, but not with hard water, for that was found make the wool harsh the touch. Ammonia, in one form or other, was usually mixed with the water. This had the further recommendation rendering the dressed wool more susceptible even dyeing.

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Scouring in hot soap-suds in hollow vats required the services two men a vat, for they kept tossing, one the other with strong poles, the bundles wool, separating write my college essay me thus the dirt and dissolving The next process was lifting the scoured and cleansed fleeces out their bath and allowing them drain, meanwhile rinsing them with pure Arno water remove suds. Drying slowly was found best in draughty warm air, but the aim was not let the wool become too dry, for fear cracking and splitting.

Combing the wool followed. Big brushes or rakes were used at first, their teeth being bent into stout leather backs, which offered a more yielding medium than wood. Later cylindrical combing machines iron and leather were introduced.

Oiling was an important point, avoid harshness and undue curling. The oil was applied the combed-out wool sprinklers with rose mouthpieces.

This process was found useful in promoting adhesiveness when the spinning stage Blending the wool was a special science apart, practised the most experienced workpeople, but essential from an economic point view, and also from the point view the production Carding, the initial step the processes making yarn, was a very important matter, and required the skill well-trained workmen.

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The carding-comb for weaving rascia, white serge, was ordinarily about sixteen inches wide, with wires such a number as would allow one hundred and ten threads laid upon the loom.

For sky-blue serges the comb was seventeen inches wide, with wires for one hundred threads for pale and faded blue serges college essays help the comb was the same, but one hundred and five wires were laid upon the loom. There was no restriction in the size comb or in the number thread wires for Spinning and winding followed closely the heels one another. They were usually done women and girls but all apprentices buy a essay were expected know both these processes experimentally, and skilled in them. It was purchase term papers essays dissertation search the duty the Stamaiuolo give out woollen yarn the Filatrice in knots or bundles, and register the name each woman, and the number and quality the knots, and at the same time agree with her about the price for winding each particular job. The winders were forbidden transfer their work one the other, and make use any yarn not delivered them the master spinners. No workman could employed any merchant who had not first proved his ability, and obtained a formal written testimony thereof. Employers were required provide their workpeople with all the instruments their trade. For mutual convenience workers engaged in the same process were employed in groups, and worked in the same rooms.


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