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Many cases chronic bronchitis originate in or are made worse an attack influenza, and bronchiectasis not an infrequent sequel. Definition. Diphtheria or angina maligna an acute infectious disease caused the Klebs-Loffler bacillus i need help with my essay writing and characterized a fibrinous exudate upon the mucous membranes the upper air A somewhat similar membrane, indistinguishable clinically, may due the streptococcus and other organisms, and may designated write my paper fast pseudo-diphtheria.

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So-called membranous dissertation uk croup now classed as laryngeal diphtheria since in the great majority cases due Diphtheria at first a local i need help writing an argumentative paper disease, and the constitutional symptoms result from the absorption toxins generated at the place infection. In the larynx, especially, the disturbances may chiefly mechanical. In severe diphtheria the advent a secondary infection at the site the membrane may add much the Varieties. Malignant diphtheria has extensive membranous deposit with the severest constitutional symptoms, and was always fatal before the advent antitoxin.

Tonsillar, pharyngeal, laryngeal, nasal, and conjunctival diphtheria are sufficiently definite forms recognized. The laryngeal form often fatal from mechanical obstruction the severe nasal form was nearly always fatal before a level german essay help the days antitoxin. The membrane occasionally develops in the ears, vagina, upon the prepuce, or in open wounds. The disease usually develops between the second and tenth years, but not infrequent at any age below forty, and may occur later.

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Although depressing influences, overcrowding, etc.

have a certain secondary influence, the essential feature in the production diphtheria infection with Bacillus diphtherias, resulting from its contact with a susceptible mucous membrane.

Chronic disease the tonsils, the presence adenoids, and tonsillitis, pharyngitis, measles, scarlet fever, grippe, etc.

all predispose the development diphtheria. It decidedly more frequent in cold weather.

Previous attacks predispose the infection. Natural immunity comparatively common, and physicians rarely contract the disease unless under conditions writing dissertation service especially phd thesis for sale severe exposure, or direct infection, as from coughing the part the patient.

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Adler states that the insane rarely show typical clinical diphtheria. The presence diphtherijc in the throat in those who have recovered from essay editing service reviews the disease and even in those who have never had an attack important. These carriers have been responsible for the spread the disease in many instances. Self-infection may Transmission. The disease commonly transmitted the conveyance the bacillus from the lesions the bearer the receiver's mucous membrane, as in coughing, kissing, using the same utensils, towels, drinking cup, pencil, etc. The saliva laden with i need help with a title for my essay the bacilli and laryngeal cases in which coughing occurs and in which, therefore, droplets sputum are widely scattered, are especially dangerous others. The lower animals may contract and spread the disease directly, or carry infection means their fur, hair, etc.


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