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In the same executive resume writing services nyc year Justice Harding resigned and emulated Judge Armour's example.

More than a year elapsed from the day that they had been inducted into office before the three judges were called upon sit as a supreme court. With the slate swept clear. speak, with the inauguration the territorial government and with the new government taking no cognizance the courts which had existed before the organization the territory, was but natural that some time should have elapsed who can write my thesis for me before an appeal was taken the Supreme Court. The first case decided the Supreme Court was appealed from Park County.

It was the case Gardner Dunn an action in forcible entry and detainer, begun originally uk dissertation writing service before one the Park County justices the peace, appealed the District Court and thence the The first criminal case occupy the attention the Supreme Court was one the most celebrated murder cases in the early history the state. William Franklin, known as Billy Franklin, had been sentenced hanged the District Court Gilpin County. His attorneys appealed upon the ground that the indictment, upon which had been tried, failed name the territory in which Gilpin County was located and, therefore, was void. The Supreme Court took the same view the case and reversed the sentence the District Court.

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Franklin never was tried again. Released upon bail, reported at the Gilpin County courthouse at every term court for many years, fully expecting placed trial again. His periodical visits the courthouse gave rise a standing joke among atttorneys and court officials. Whenever Franklin made his appearance, they would say, Here comes Billy Franklin hanged again. The records not disclose why Franklin never was placed trial again. He was a very popular man and public feeling was greatly That clause in the enabling act providing that the territory's three judges should sit separately as district judges and jointly as a supreme court, was the cause many extraordinary situations. Sometimes the associate justices would join forces and reverse one the chief justice's opinions, rendered him as district judge. Again the chief justice and one the associate judges would sit the other associate justice.

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As a rule the judges got along very well and managed dispose all appeals in a manner satisfactory all parties concerned, especially after the original appointees had been replaced better and abler men. Holding court in the early Colorado days best essay service was quite often difficult, if not positively dangerous. With no railroads carry them the towns, in which they were hold court, the judges were compelled use stages or private conveyances.

The country was infested with hostile Indians and made unsafe desperate characters who had fled from Eastern cities and sought refuge in the mountain fastnesses. As a result often became necessary provide the judges with armed escorts when they started make the rounds their districts. Accommodations, far as courtrooms buy research paper and as well as lodgings were concerned, were the most primitive order. The first three judges had retired from the bench. Judge Bradford, who had been appointed fill the vacancy created Judge Pettis resignation, relinquished his office.


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