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In this establishment may found everything from needles anchors. A big truck farm supplies with fresh vegetables, and a modern bakery a part its equipment.

The educational facilities the town are excellent.

Two kindergartens, intermediate schools and a high school offer the finest advantages the children the community.

Sparrows Point has been well termed the cleanest and greenest steel town in the European Union. Clerk the Court William Cole a position whicli has very creditably filled for several years and as such superintends practically all the business community service essay sample that office.

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Mr. O'Hara's specialty, hovirever, that issuing Licenses. Although still a young man, has probably issued more licenses, for various purposes, than any other man in Maryland. Under the various general and local statutes now in force almost impossible for anyone turn around without first going Mr. O'Hara for a license. While no one has kept tally, safe say that Mr. O'Hara has in his lifetime issued no less than, marriage licenses, not mention the innumerable traders licenses, saloon licenses, gunners licenses, auctioneers licenses, real estate agents licenses, undertakers licenses, jackass licenses, and infinitum. Mr. O'Hara, in his License Department, a prolific source revenue for the State and county.

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He always well groomed and his presence such as command attention Mr. O'Hara's liobbies are few, but perhaps his greatest delight run down Atlantic City personal statement service uk every summer and find out purchase research papers what the wild waves are saying and, incidentally, stroll the Boardwalk and admire the beauties the seashore.

MR. BLODE achieved considerable fame the waters the Patapsco, near IIchester, an electric plant which built under the river at that point something in the nature a submarine best websites to buy research papers power plant.

The plant proved college essay writers very efficient and furnished current for lighting purposes in Catonsville and vicinity. After making unsuccessful efforts introduce his product into Baltimore city sold out the Consolidated Gas Electric Light and Power Company. While Mr. Blode has been successful in various business enterprises, his name will no doubt longer honored and remembered account his philanthropic enterprise. He was largely instrumental in establishing the Eudowood Sanitorium, near Towson. where victims the White Plague are treated hundreds every year.


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