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When the Department became assured that anthracite coal was readily obtainable, orders directing the abatement the smoke nuisance were issued wherever essay writing services for cheap this nuisance existed.

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In many instances these orders were not obeyed, and arrests were accordingly made.

On May, a squad officers were taken along the water-front the steamboat Franklin Edson and arrests made wherever smoke was escaping. On the trial one these cases before the Court Special Sessions, a demurrer was filed the ground that the provisions section the Sanitary Code now section, were unreasonable, in that this section prohibited the discharge any smoke, however small in volume, a provision with which would manifestly impossible comply.This demurrer was sustained. Demurrers were then filed in nearly homework help research paper the smoke cases then pending, some thirty or forty in number. help with creating thesis statement Fortunately the court modified its view and refused sustain the demurrers, holding that the Department Health had never in any proceedings before the court taken the extreme ground that section do my coursework online prohibited the discharge any smoke, however small in volume, but had always interpreted this section reasonably and with a view the abatement nuisances. This attitude the court has maintained and convictions were obtained in nearly all the smoke cases prosecuted.

The smoke produced wood-working establishments in burning their refuse continues present a troublesome problem. There appears no method available for disposing this refuse except burning, and under existing conditions this cannot done without producing large volumes smoke.

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Some cases violation section these establishments have been prosecuted the court, however, inclined take the view that, as applied these establishments, this section unreasonable, that convictions are not usually obtained. Another troublesome smoke problem that smoke produced in the burning sugar baskets.

From about May October Java sugar received in New York in cane baskets. There seems no method disposition these baskets available, except burnmg, an operation which results in the production immense volumes black smoke unless the greatest care exercised. A case violation section essay editing services in which the burning these baskets was the cause the smoke, research paper writers was prosecuted, and resulted in the discharge the defendant. During the year three civil actions for violation the law prohibiting the use soft coal were brought.

One these still pending.

In the others judgments were recovered an appeal has been taken in one these cases. This law seems furnish an efficient means dealing with the smoke question, and intended proceed under more frequently in the future, should occasion require During the current year a systematic inspection the City refuse dumps was maintained. The material dumped was found generally free from garbage. Small admixtures decomposable matter seem, however, unavoidable, and this, together with the nuisance caused the light refuse, paper, etc. being scattered the winds, leads numerous complaints against these dumps. Dumping seems a very unsuitable method disposing this light combustible refuse. The installation a suitable number incinerators, in which this material could disposed combustion, coursework paper would a most desirable irnprovement. A careful sanitary inspection the slaughter-houses, including those for poultry, has been carried during the year. The general condition these establishments continues satisfactory.


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