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Hill a real Chesterfield in manners and appearance, and as a nerve specialist recognized best essay writing website as an authority the country over. He makes his home in Baltimore county, and has a beautiful residence Wylie avenue near the Reisterstown road.

NEVER been the Suburban? Then you had better if you want spend a real night pleasure, for Edward Powers, the proprietor, has been at the business too long not know just how cater the wants the public. When comes getting vaudeville acts that please the folks and good chefs that can prepare oldestyle Maryland dinners there's no place in the State that can light a candle with the Suburban, Park Heights avenue, just beyond the city line. In the summer Eddie operates a cabaret show that unexcelled, and a dance floor escond none, and the music why just carries one off their feet, it's grand. In the winter it's practically the same.

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Powers heart and soul wrapped in the modern establishment which personally writers wanted online conducts and, save for his dogs, which has a dozen or more, there little else that commands his attention. The Suburban a place where a fellow need not afraid take his wife, his daughter or his sweetheart, and you can bet your bottom dollar that there'll something doing every minute, for Eddie has a good place and knows how run The best sort proof the popularity the place the hundreds automobiles that are parked in front the Suburban nightly, and the ringing cheers laughter that are carried the breezes from the interior the garden.

and an orator profession. buy essays cheap During the recent fight waged against Old John Barleycorn in this county Brother Klohr was a leading spirit with John's forces, and was often asked those who carried an umbrella keep from getting wet why did not give his vocation and get a job driving a water wagon.

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Billy's trade as a plumber brought him in contact with water too often, and just couldn't see the way that the drys desired him and therefore kept his battle for Old John the last, and, the way, came out victorious.


Klohr a resident Towson and conducts a plumbing shop the York road just north Chesapeake avenue, where one may secure anything from a pipe coursework writer joint a complete bathroom outfit, or fact find men well able place all the necessary term paper writer service modern conveniences in their home. Probably the greatest Mr.

Klohr's hobbies secure a good dog and with gun in hand prowl over the hills and through the dales in quest game. He also likes take an occasional fishing trip and usually comes heme with a basket good looking specimens.

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FIRST among the great industrial enterprises that contribute the financial stability Baltimore County the Maryland plant the Bethlehem Steel Company, at Sparrows Point. While now employing, men and great importance, commercially, when the improvements contemplated are completed, the local plant will rank among the greatest in the United States and probably in the world. Nearly thirty years have passed since the Pennsylvania Steel Company purchased the land upon which the town and plant now stand. The question advanced at times why such a plant located far from the base raw materials two hundred miles from the coal mines the Alleghenies and miles from the ore banks Cuba. It very true that Sparrows Point miles from Daiquiri Dock, Cuba, but Pittsburgh a third again as far distant, and haul ore overland must first unloaded from ships and carried train over the mountains, which a cumbersome, slow and A trip the Point will convince you that a much easier and less expensive method in vogue. Ore discharged from the hold steamers and dumped almost at the very door the furnaces. There also a cheap way loading steel rails for European and South european ports, and this directly into the ships without the necessity sending some seaport rail first. Way back land at Patapsco Neck was cheap, and there was ample space for the disposal waste products such as slag, etc.


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