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business the Guild was exclusively the re-dressing and finishing foreign-woven woollen cloth.

Foreign cloth submitted best resume writing services in atlanta ga the methods the Florentine merchants became a material which had no peer, and which when put upon the markets Europe obtained the very highest quotations.

hospital and the Sovereign Pontiff the Podesta, the Capitano, and the Commonwealth Florence and, finally, in all due respect for all worthy merchants and companies belonging The First Part consists thirty-two Sections, which treat, as the quaint heading says, all things pertaining God and the Soul. It speaks pious observances, good works, integrity conduct, obedience magistrates, and all else which goes make a virtuous, industrious, and respectable citizen. The iQ rjofession faith, paraphrasing a sentence with which the First Section deals, noteworthy as indicating the intimate relation which existed in the Middle Ages and early Renaissance, between the religion daily life and its industrial and commercial activities. Every morning monks chanted Mass, in the ancient hospital San Giovanni, behalf the members the Guild and in furtherance their enterprises. Guildsmen were constrained observe the annual hospital festivals wHrcH numbered forty without reckoning the Sundays.

every member the Guild was required visit the hospital, and deposit a wax candle the weight nearly half a pound as The Merchants the Calimala bound themselves never use blasphemous language. Usury was forbidden because a sin specially displeasing God. Among the pious uses the Guild were numerous annual contributions the monasteries money and gifts in kind for the relief the poor and sick the city.

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Several hospitals J also were maintained at the cost Calimala In matters food and drink moderation and abstinence were advocated among all persons connected with the Guild.

Forty pounds custom essay writing help per annum was the very modest sum allocated for the table the Consuls, who were boarded during their six months office at the expense the Guild at the Residence in the Via The workmen employed the Calimala in the repairs and decoration the hospitals San Giovanni and San Miniato Monte were subject strict rules conduct.

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They, and dissertation writing services illegal indeed all the members the Guild, were admonished, under pain heavy penalties, including exclusion, maintain unblemished lives, and treat women, children, and domestic servants with The Second Part the Statutes contains forty-five Sections, which have with legal questions, pecuniary matters, disputes affecting members the Guild, rules membership and apprenticeship, and regulations affecting trading companies and The custom essays First Section deals with the powers the Consuls, who are decreed supreme over all persons and causes within the Guild.

Methods procedure, employment legal assistance, and obedience the ruling the Court Consuls, are all fully The Statutes dealing with the customs and laws debtor and creditor are emphatic, and provision made for winding best dissertation services estates in bankruptcy.

The sale a bankrupt's effects could only made at the instance the Consuls in Council. Earnest money, ranging from ten fifty per cent. was due at the initial stage all transactions, and payments are required made instalment. buy research paper online All receipts required the seal a cashier, before whom they website that writes an essay for you were signed, and they were attested the Syndic the Treasurer. Defaulting merchants, or agents, were posted at the Guild Office in the Via Calimala but a time limit ten days was allowed before resource extreme All disputes, whether with respect the interpretation Statutes and Bye-laws the Guild, or the associated companies, or affecting the interests or customs the Guild, were submitted the Consuls in Court. A Special Commission merchants was appointed the Consuls, at their pleasure, dissertation writers in london examine into Merchants were not allowed sell any other kind cloth except that which was named in the Statutes, nor export fine wool and any the ingredients best site to buy research paper necessary for the industry. jSales were confined the interior shops, and pieces cloth, for sale were not permitted exposed outside. The exchange stuffs between the warehouses merchants was also forbidden. Nobody was authorized deal in foreign cloth, unless furnished custom college term papers with the formal permission the Consuls. Persons seeking such authorization were required make an affidavit, before the Guild Notary, the respectability their family connections, the integrity their own character, and the probity their pecuniary relations. Membership and participation in the privileges the Guild were only obtainable through Matriculation, as the formal and lic recognition the applicant's fitness.


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