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Under the name xerostoma a condition described in which the buccal secretions are diseased that the mucous membranes become shiny and dry. It neurotic origin, and seen chiefly in women. The mouth should examined customer service writing in a proper light, reflected from a head mirror if necessary, and with a suitable instrument for depressing the tongue or holding back the comers the mouth.

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One should note the color the mucous membrane, especially as regards cyanosis and the pallor anemia, any coating upon the tongue, local ulcers, syphilitic lesions, growths, diseased or misplaced teeth, enlarged tonsils, elongated uvula, swelling indicating tonsillar or re tropharyngeal abscess, herpetic eruptions, and those small-pox, chicken-pox, measles, scarlet fever and erysipelas.

The yellow color jaundice, and the dark discoloration Addison's disease, often showing as small round spots, may noted. Narrowing the dental arch common in adenoid disease and in mentally paraphrasing paragraphs defective The ulcerations may those any stage syphilis, need essay help tuberculosis, or the various types stomatitis or malignant who will write my essay disease. False membranes observed may due the diphtheria bacillus, pneumococcus, streptococcus, or some variety leptothrix. Stomatitis. The mucous membrane the mouth subject certain inflammations grouped together under the general name stomatitis, which the following varieties are described Catarrhal Stomatitis. Simple or catarrhal stomatitis the result a simple inflammation the mucous membrane, with redness, swelling, and increased secretion. custom term paper writing Irritants, the use certain drugs such as mercury and iodid potash, and some the infectious diseases, may give rise this variety stomatitis.

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Aphthous Stomatitis Canker.

Small spots acute inflammation and swelling are followed ulceration, with great tenderness and pain upon movement the parts. The dependence these lesions upon gastric hyperacidity in certain cases not as generally Ulcerative Stomatitis. This term applied a much severer type occurring in poorly nourished and cachetic term paper writer service individuals. The ulcers are chiefly upon the gums, and cause salivation, fetor and adenitis. Vincent's fusiform bacillus often present, in association help writing a paper with spirochetes and other organisms. Mercurial Stomatitis. Mercurial stomatitis accompanies the salivation already described and involves chiefly the gums and the salivary glands.

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Much soreness, swelling and fetor are noted.

Gangrenous Stomatitis Noma. This occurs in debilitated children, college term paper writing service usually in asylums. It involves the tissues the cheek most severely, the affected part turning black, while a red zone intense inflammation surrounds The gangrenous odor characteristic. Death from ulceration into an artery not uncommon. I have observed in typhoid fever, chicken-pox and measles, and may occur with other exhausting diseases.


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