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A man ascetic spirit, with sound religious sympathies, and a well-versed moralist, his letters are full At jousts paraphrasing in mla and during public festivals, if any member THE GUILD OF JUDGES AND NOTARIES the Guild Judges and Notaries did anything whatever against ordinary decorum and convention, at once became an object satire, and no one hesitated make fun him. Breaches correct manners often enough led some funny fellow or other placing a thistle under the tail the legal functionary's horse, and, as the poor beast tore back his stable at a wild gallop, the air was rent with the derisive cries The Guild college essay writing help continued thrive all through reigns the earlier Medici princes, although many the prerogatives the Judges were greatly curtailed and the peculations the Notaries were covertly connived Almost the last record, in the Archives, Guild Judges and Notaries was that December, which date a decree was signed the Grand Duke Ferdinand I.

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which abolished the ancient title the Guild and substituted that College Judges and Notaries. Membership was made three degrees I. Judges.


Notaries thus recognizing the intermediate order framed in the last Eight consuls were elected, two the degree Judge, two that Advocate, and four that Notary. resume writing service business plan The Council the College was made consist eight members four Judges and four Notaries. A Matriculation Board was also formed, composed two Judges, two Advocates, and four Notaries. Each year, was ordered that two Advocates should appointed as Counsel for the poorer citizens in criminal cases, who should plead for their clients, without taking any fee or emolument, the Guild undertaking pay them. The great reputation the Judges and Notaries, despite many and serious blots and blemishes, has been handed down modern times. To-day, the legal profession still the most important in Italy, and the most popular. The ambition, even small tradesmen, well-to-do farmers, and skilled artizans see their sons graduates at law and advocates in the Court?.

Of the ornaments the Profession, the aphorism good old Francesco Guicciardini as true now, as was in his time The spelling the distinctive name Calimala also varies Kallismale Calimara etc.

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etc. Its most probable derivation comes from the fact that the Residence and Offices the Guild were situated in the Via Calimala, a narrow street which led into the Mercato Vecchio, the Old Market, where also the chief business the merchants the Guild was transacted.

Over the doorway the Residence was stuck a shield bearing the arms the Guild a golden eagle perching upon a white bale wool in a red field and the same was blazoned the help essay prompts Machiavelli, writing about the enterprise the merchants the Calimala says The production tissues wool was flourishing, that the work-people had only dye and finish them, in order export them at once. The merchants who were S engaged in this industry founded an important Guild, called Calimala, from the name the street. With respect the term Francesca or Franceschi as applied the Guild, noteworthy that Fernando Arrivabene, in speaking Religious Orders, says the celebrated St Francis, founder the great religious Order, was born at Assisi, in Umbria, being the son Pietro Bernadones, a man humble birth. At the sacred font was given the name Giovanni, but when quite young was called Francesco, because the facility with which spoke French a language then necessary the Italians in commerce, for which was This may taken prove that before the year there was active commercial intercourse between Italy and France. Doubtless the words Francesca and Franceschi were used originally in Florence as applicable France and French markets alone, but they were quite easily extended the produce other countries. Thus Panni Franceschi signified cloth manufactured in England, Flanders, and Spain, as well as in France. From a remote period wool was the staple industry the Florentines, which they manipulated with such admirable assiduity Oand skill, that very soon the output their looms was in excess jof the home consumption. Markets were sought beyond the confines the growing town, and traders, moving about in com Arrivabene, II Secolo Dante, See also Dante, II panics for mutual protectiori, undertook systematic journeys With England commercial relations were in essay writer online existence in the reign Henry At all events that monarch established a biennial Cloth Fair within the precincts the Priory Saint Bartholomew in the city London and also encouraged the incorporation a Guild Weavers, taking as his pattern similar associations in Florence and in Flanders. With rare acumen the Florentine traders bartered their stuffs for rich fleeces and fine woollen yarns, and, as they traded, eyes both parties were opened the Florentines, the superiority, the native raw material the people the countries, the, In addition skill in weaving, Florentine workers excelled as cutters and folders whilst as dyers they were unrivalled.


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