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In and around Florence were a number small Hospitals and Asylums, ill-supported and ill-conducted.

These the Paterini took in hand, and made their headquarters in one, the way Arezzo, which bore the title II Bigallo.

Very many members the Guilds, especially the Lesser Guilds, who sincerely sympathised with the sufferings the poor heretics, gave their support, and even joined hands with the new hospitallers, who assumed the style La Compagnia del At first they assembled for united worship in the small hospital Santa Maria San Gazzio or San Cajo, but, amending their errors, they were ultimately granted a Chapel in Santa Maria Novella, for their religious devotions, and for the administration their charities. For generations the influence the tenets Paternono was felt in the minds and lives many a wool-carder and dyer Oltrarno. This probably had something with their indifference public opinion, and with their political unrest.

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There was in the religious character the average Florentine workingman and woman, not a little the rigour the latter-day Florence, with her perpetual succession new Governments, need help writing paper the continually varying ascendency parties, and the private rivalries between families, was exposed greater vicissitudes fortune than are the inhabitants industrial centres, who are merely victims the caprices trade. Men, who one day held power and office and the making wealth in their hands, were liable, the morrow, charges, incurring fines, imprisonment, exile, and even i need help with writing my essay death.

The result such a state things was a large amount misery, nobly borne and poverty, carefully concealed. The finest palaces often enough sheltered the greatest suffering.

Gently born and delicately reared, their inmates were the pathetic victims Private, unostentatious charity failed reach these objects misfortune, until the year, when Frate Antonino Niccolo Pierozzo was elected first Prior the Monastery San Marco. He at once took the Apostolic mantle benevolence, for saw and understood the suffering around him, and thought out very earnestly the means helping i poveri vergognosi the shame-faced victims poverty as they were called. need to buy an essay The good Prior sent for twelve the most upright men in Florence, men all classes, a merchant, a manufacturer, a banker, a wool-carder, a furrier, a silk-winder, a shoemaker and others, members the Guilds, laid before them the harrowing details distress, and unfolded his ideas for their relief.

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The twelve Buonuomini, touched the heart Frate Antonino's revelations, and his unaffected disinterestedness, warmly offered themselves as assistants in carrying out the charitable programme. In this way arose, an institution, which still survives and prospers, La Congregazione San Martino called from the little hospital that name, where the meetings devotional and conversational good men The names the first Congregation have been preserved They established a Central Office in a room in the Badia, granted them the Signoria, where, along with a store medicines and surgical appliances, were always in attendance members Guild Doctors and Apothecaries, with nurses both male and female.

however, Primerano Jacopo presented the Congregation with a house in the Piazza San Martino, which the agencies the Buonuomini were removed. Outside the hospital San Martino and the Office Charity, were money-boxes placed receive offerings from passers-by.

The former was put in its place Prior Antonino, and still in situ. The alms thus gathered were divided each month among the twelve Buonuomini, who, in pairs, visited each the six sestieri the city, and made direct distribution among impoverished and decayed nobles and merchants and their families. The Good need help writing philosophy paper Arch, as was affectionately and popularly called, after his consecration, as fifth Arch Florence, forbade the Congregation hold capital, or purchase land, and other securities at the same time counselled the Buonuomini conduct their charitable work without charge the Congregation. Every benefaction, in kind, was quickly reduced its best marketable cash value, and the money was distributed promptly and without distinction any sort. The story the foundation and early work the Congregazione San Martino was preserved upon the walls the hospital The Twelve Good Men Saint Martin found very helpful coadjutors in their works charity in the twelve Buonuomini della Stinche, empanelled, for the purpose distributing discriminatory relief unfortunate persons condemned prison, A few years later, in the first decade the sixteenth century, another history research paper for sale benevolent Twelve, the Buonuomini San Bona ventura, added their kindly offices the alleviation distress in the families merchants, and all others who came under the category Poveri Vergognosi Their aims were chiefly the assistance and direction merchants who had become bankrupt all countries pass current. The Silver florin. The gold florin. Money values. Penalties against coiners bad money.


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