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The spleen often moderately enlarged.

The urine generally albuminous and may contain blood. Traces sugar are not infrequently help for english essays present Retention and polyuria are occasionally seen. Herpes frequently noted, and may valuable i need someone to write my assignment in diagnosis. The eruption may not seen in certain epidemics, and yet may a most prominent feature in others.

Small petechise are most common, but large ecchymoses may develop spotted fever, especially in the malignant type the disease. Erythema most common, but a roseolous eruption, urticarial mottling i need help writing an essay for a scholarship the skin, and lesions like those erythema nodosum may develop. Pemphigus Eye Lesions. Paralysis ocular muscles frequent and great value in diagnosis.

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The oculomotor nerve frequently compressed the exudate at the base, and the fourth and sixth nerves may involved. The inflammation may extend along the optic nerve into the orbit, with complete destruction the eye. Conjunctivitis best term paper writing service help paper may occur either as a result a specific infection the organism the disease, or through loss the protective influence the fifth nerve best dissertation services when involved a neuritis. In certain epidemics blindness has been a common sequel. Ear Lesions. In children especially auditory involvement very common, and many the cases deaf-mutism in certain irregularly distributed periods have been due the disease. Deafness may result from involvement assignment writer the auditory nerve in the exudate, with subsequent degeneration the fibers, especially louisiana purchase research paper case study writing service in the chronic cases, or from disease the labyrinth.

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Otitis media, with presence the diplococcus in the pus cells, not infrequent.

Early acquired deafness attributed many otologists abortive attacks cerebrospinal meningitis. Over half the cases recovering in many epidemics are deaf, though the deafness may not become marked reliable essay writing service for weeks or months after the convalescence.

Malignant Form Meningitis Siderans. This differs from the ordinary form in its extreme rapidity and severity. I have known death occur in eight or nine hours. The patient stricken with violent chill, vomiting, headache, moderate fever, perhaps with convulsions, cyanosis, delirium, coma, purpuric eruption, and death in rapid succession. These cases are more common at the beginning an epidemic and in certain seasons. Abortive Form.


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