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Dockets became more and more congested, especially in Denver, Pueblo and Leadville, the largest cities in the state in those days. AVhen the bill creating seven districts was enacted the general assembly an attempt was made further lighten the burdens the Denver district judge the creation a special criminal court. The bill providing for such a court was passed but declared In the next general assembly, realizing that the congestion the court business was becoming serious, again considered relief measures.

The result was that a bill was passed creating special criminal courts in Arapahoe, Pueblo and Lake counties.

These courts were given jurisdiction do my coursework over all criminal cases, with the exception capital offenses. In Arapahoe County further relief for the district court was provided at the same time the establishment a Superior Court.

This court had concurrent jurisdiction with the district court but its jurisdiction dissertation consultant uk did not extend beyond the limits the City Denver. The criminal courts remained until when they, and with Denver's Superior Court, were abolished help write a thesis statement the Seventh General Assembly, That body lawmakers simply failed make any provision for the maintenance these courts and ordered the cases pending civil service essay in them transferred the district court.

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During the six years its existence the Denver Criminal Court had only two judges, Piatt Rogers, still an active member the Denver bar, and Wilbur Stone, who was appointed this court after had completed his term the Supreme bench. The abolishment the Criminal and Superior courts in Denver had been foreshadowed an act the Sixth General Assembly, when had increased the number the Arapahoe County district judges two and had created two additional districts.

In order provide enough judges in Arapahoe County dispose all the business which the district court was bound receive as the i need help writing a reflective essay result the doing-away with the Superior and Separate criminal courts, the Seventh General Assembly increased the number the divisions the district court four, with a judge for each. The next general assembly, added still another Though the population Denver has more than doubled since, the number judges has remained the same. Repeated efforts, the last before the Twenty-second General Assembly, induce the law-making body the state increase the number judges have failed.

The natural result a badly congested docket. The judges are not blame for this condition affairs. They work hard and earnestly new cases simply are brought faster than the judges can dispose them, if they wish give them that consideration which they should give them. At the same time that Arapahoe County was given five district judges, the General Assembly redistricted the entire state.

A bill was passed dividing the state into thirteen judicial districts. These thirteen districts remain today as fixed this bill. Elsewhere in this volume will found a list the districts and the counties embraced each them and the judges holding court in them today. Though the districts have not been changed since, the number judges has been increased from time time. In the tenth or Pueblo District was given a second judge. Two book editing services years later the number judges in the fourth or Colorado Springs district was increased two. the eighth district was given a second judge and the fourth a third. A second judge was provided for the third district in.


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