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For example a Roba, robe red fine cloth, paid five lire a Cottardita, tunic blue cloth, three lire a gammurra, petticoat with stitching in front and buttonholes behind, two lire, five soldi a Guarnello, a fustian gown for a woman open at the front, one lira, fifteen soldi a Giubba, jerkin with folds or tucks, four lire, five soldi a Villano, cloth cloak with a turn-down collar or hood, one lira a Tagliatura, a pair trousers made cloth, seven soldi a Gonnella, a pair trousers made thin linen and lined, one lira, fifteen soldi, and No tailor was allowed put in pawn woollen or linen cloth, or cloth mixed wool and flax, whether cut or uncut, or any garment, finished or unfinished, or anything pertaining the Craft. Fines twenty-five lire, and above, were inflicted, not only upon the spendthrift tailor, but upon any person who Fraudulent and fugitive tradesmen were course found in connection with all the Guilds, but possibly Arte Rigattieri furnished the largest proportion such unfortunate persons. When such a man fell evil days, not only suffered himself, but the partners in his business and his family also were declared delinquent, and mulcted in penalties. A case in point recorded in the Archives under date January, when the partners a merchant and artificer in the trade Guild Second-hand Dealers, for the sale old remnants masters dissertation writing services woollen cloth and linen cloth, belonging the popoli Santa Cecilia, who had become bankrupt, are declared outlaws.

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The Retail-dealers were allowed keep in stock, and sell the following descriptions goods It was permitted also deal in all kinds silken goods and in sewing silks.

Ivy-berries for the red dye called grana, dried kermes, whence the crimson dye chermisi was derived, gold and silver in cakes, powder, flake, and leaf. Pearls and jewellery all kinds, veils, thin capes, and fichus, every sort gilt leather and tinsel work, were also exposed for sale. Many other objects, far too numerous custom report writing mention, but still each with the special permission the Council State, and under the direction the Consuls and officials the Guild, were allowed sold the Rigattieri. J Linen probably the oldest manufactured material for domestic use in existence.

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Thousands years ago the art weaving linen cloth was known and practised in India, Egypt and Greece.

Linen report writing help was known too the peoples the Stone age and the Lake dwellers. The Romans held flax in high esteem Apuleius, the wise old monk the fifth century, says sententiously Wool, the excretion a sluggish body taken from a sheep, was deemed a profane attire even in the times Orpheus and Pythagoras but flax that cleanest production the field, rightly used for the inmost clothing man.

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Every monastery the plains Italy had its flax patch, and the monks encouraged the peasants around them cultivate the useful little writers for research papers plant, with its thin verdant blade and delicate blue flower.

The Religious, further, engaged themselves everywhere in the manufacture linen-thread essaywriting service and cloth, and gave instruction their neighbours in the mysteries the craft. Sacristies hospitals became treasuries fine linen, for, Canon Law, this material was exclusively prescribed in the ritual the Mass and for other functions. pay someone to write your paper From the point, too, domestic economy, linen was known practically indestructible, consequently noble and peasant alike had in the most durable material for ordinary uses.

The cultivation flax was very general in the Vale Arno all through the period the Renaissance. In extent vied with that the vine and the olive, but far exceeded both in the intelligence and labour demanded its cultivators.

Special methods tillage, manuring, sowing, and harvesting, were in operation which have remained until to-day. The four processes harvest were as follows I. Pulling The plant being in boll and browned was pulled the roots never cut. Rippling the bolls were removed the field a combing-frame with iron teeth. Two men were engaged together one gathered the seeds, the other the stalks. Retting two kinds, water and dew. In the first, pure water from the Arno was used, without any addition lime or iron.


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