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At the battle Bridgewater his command suffered severely. Both his lieutenants were wounded, and thirty-six men wno servea at the guns, twenty-seven were killed and wounded.

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At the defense Fort Brie, when fifteen hundred the best troops the British army attempted recapture Captain Towson and Major Wood with two hundred and fifty infantrymen, were repulsed and held back, veterans European wars declared that they had never seen a more rapid and deadly artillery fire.

Captain Towson came home from the war crowned with honors. Of his share in the battle Chippewa, General Scott said in his official dispatch Towson's company was the first and last engaged, and during the whole conflict maintained a high character which they had previously won their skill and valor. General Ripley said him I have no idea that there essay online help any artillery officer in any service superior him in the knowledge and performance his duty.

The gallant officer was promoted lieutenant-colonel for his brave and efficient service.

He was retain in the Army and made paymaster-general.

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He served throughout war, and in March, was breveted coursework papers major-general. Laws, I have the honor submit a report the operations the Department Health for the year ended December. Up and including December, the latest figures now in hand, there were less deaths than in the corresponding period, while there was course the normal increase in the population.

As a result the death rate for the period stated has fallen.

as against. the corresponding period, and. in the year.

The death rate for the year therefore will represent a still further improvement in the health content writing services vancouver the City than was shown when the coursework masters then record.

made for the year. In the old City New York the death rate this year will approximately. Last year was. which was the lowest rate than In considering the several causes death found that all the strictly contagious diseases show a decrease excepting diphtheria. Certain the infectious diseases, however, such as influenza, tuberculosis and pneumonia, show an increase. Diarrhea, the main cause the deaths under two years, shows a marker decrease. There were, more birts reported than in the corresponding period last top 10 essay writing services year, and, marriages this increase a great part normal, but in part also due more rigid enforcement the requirements upon physicians and midwives relative reports births, and upon physicians relative reports marriages. The comparative wanted freelance writers table deaths for the periods named abo as follows Congenital debility and malformations. Another evidence increasing healthfulness the City found in the fact that the only increase in the number deaths found in those persons sixty-five years and over, which would indicate that preventive health measures have a marked effect in preserving life during the period in which the living are most useful members society.


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