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Polyuria designates an abnormal increase in the amount, as in diabetes, after hysterical attacks and in certain types chronic nephritis. Ol nria.

Oliguria may depend upon lessened ingestion fluids, upon disease i need help writing an essay for college the kidneys preventing their proper function, or upon excessive loss bodily fluids, as in cholera and other diar rheal diseases. It becomes more dangerous as approaches anuria.

The urine may suppressed from disease the kidneys preventing its excretion, such as acute nephritis and acute congestion, possibly supervening upon a chronic nephritis suppurative diseases in or about the kidneys, interference with the blood supply aneurism, thrombosis or embolism. The oliguria cholera and other diarrheal diseases may progress complete anuria. In shock from various abdominal diseases or operations, and after severe hemorrhage, anuria from lowered As the result blocking the ureter stone when but one kidney exists, or reflex suppression essay about helping someone in need customer best cheap essay service writing in the other kidney when one blocked, or blocking both ureters simultaneously, after the mistaken removal the only functionating buy essays for college kidney, and in hysteria aud sunstroke, complete suppression may seen.

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The patient UBINABY AND GENEEATIVE OEGANS dies in less than a week in most instances, sometimes without the Since suppression not generally absolute, the normal findings in any urine that may possibly obtained suffice establish some mechanical trouble and not disease the kidneys as the cause the suppression. In the latter case, the presence blood, albumin, casts, pus cells, bacteria, etc, will point toward the proper diagnosis.

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Betention XTrine.

This distinguished from suppression the finding urine in the bladder, though cannot passed voluntarily.

The retention may result from mechanical causes, such as pressure upon the urethra in labor, an enlarged prostate, a foreign body in the urethra, a thread tied about the penis, as occasionally seen in custom writing australia boys, stricture the urethra, or urethritis.

Reflex spasm the vesical sphincter may cause retention, as may seen during the passage a renal calculus through the ureter. In functional nervous diseases, notably in hysteria, in conditions affecting the brain, as in the coma typhoid, or the cord, as in myelitis, retention occurs, oftentimes alternating with incontinence. In belladonna poisoning retention common.

Should occur in an acute abdominal disease, establishes a fair presumption that the peritoneum help in thesis writing over the bladder has pay someone to write a paper for me become medical school essay help involved in a peritonitis, as most frequently seen in appendicitis. The over-distention the bladder in elderly men often causes lose its power contraction for a time. Incontinenoe XJrine. In most cases this nervous origin. If the brain, from injury or disease, loses its power control, as in shock, in the various types coma, and in the idiotic and the demented, incontinence may occur. In injury or disease the cord, notably in myelitis and locomotor ataxia, and, perhaps most frequently, in hospital practice, in those cases transverse myelitis from spinal injury, the dribbling urine a distressing feature. If the vesical center in the sacral region the cord incapacitated disease, have a paralysis both detrusor and sphincter muscles the bladder, with retention and overflow urine the incontinence over-distention. It safer assume that dribbling urine indicates retention with overflow until the contrary proven. PARESTHESIA, TREMOR, VERTIGO, COMA, ETC. because the danger that this condition will lead cystitis, pyelitis and fatal damage the secreting tissues the kidney.


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