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adeceased employee. A wife upon a husband whom she has not voluntarily abandoned at the time the injury. A husband, mentally or physically incapacitated from waga earning, upon a wife whom has not voluntarily abandoned at the time injury.

A natural, posthumous, or adopted child or children, whether legitimate or illegitimate, under the age eighteen years, or over that age, if physically or mentally incapacitated from wage earning, upon the parent with whom or they are living at the time the injury resulting in custom writing reviews the death such parent, there being no surviving parent.

Stepparents may regarded in this act as parents, top 10 essay writing services if the fact dependency shown, and a step-child or step-children may regarded in this act as a natural child or children, if the existence and fact dependency showii. Questions as who constitute dependents and the extent their dependency shall determined as the date the accident or injury the employee, and their right any death benefit shall become fixed as such time, irrespective any subsequent change in conditions, and the death benefits need help with essays shall directly recoverable and payable the dependent or dependents entitled thereto, or their legal guardians or trustees.

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As amended. Stats. No compensation shall paid under this act thesis paper for an injury which does not incapacitate the employee for a period at least seven days from earning full wages, but if the incapacity extends beyond the period seven days, compensation shall begiji the eighth day after the injury provided, however, that if such disability continues for two weeks beyond the period said seven days, such compensation shall computed from the date the injury. As.

Compensation payable under this act, whether determined or due, not, shall not, prior the issuance and delivery the warrant therefor, assignable shall exempt from attachment, garnishment, and execution, and shall not pass any other person operation law provided, however, that the payments the consul-general, consul, vice-consul general, or vice consul, the nation which any dependent a deceased employee a resident or subject, or a representative such consul-general, consul vice-consul general, or vice-consul, any compensation duef under this act any dependent residing outside the United States, any power attorney receive dissertation proposal or receipt for the same contrary notwithstanding, shall as full a discharge the benefits or compensation payable under this act as if payments were made directly the beneficiary. As. No employer or workman shall exempt himself from the burden, or waive the benefits this act any contract, agreement, rule, regulation, or device and any such contract, agreement, rule, regulation, or device shall.

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Upon the marriage a widow, she shall receive once and for all, a lump sum equal twelve times her monthly allowance, application essay writing service not exceed, however, the sum provided, however, that allowance shall made the eominission for the support minor children under the age sixteen years the total amount thereof not lefes than, nor more than per month, fixed the commission. essay on customer service The Nevada industrial thesis proposal help commission, may, in its discretion, allow the conversion the compensation herein provided for into lump-sum payment, not exceed the sum, under such rules and regulations and system computation as may devised for obtaining the present. a. Any workman entitled receive compensation under this act required, if requested the commission, submit himself for medical examination at a time and from time time at a place reasonably convenient for the workman, and as may provided the rules the commission.

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The request or order for such examination shall fix a time and place therefor, due regard being had the convenienceof the employee and his physical condition and ability attend at the time and placed fixed.

The employee shall entitled have a physician, provided and paid for himself, present at any such examination. If the employee refuses submit any such examination, or obstructs the same, his right compensation shall suspended until such examination has taken place, and no compensation shall payable during or for account such period. Any physician who shall make or present at any such examination may required testify as the result thereof. If any employee shall persist in unsanitary or injurious practices which tend either imperil or retard his recovery, or shall refuse submit such medical or surgical treatment as reasonably essential promote his recovery, the commission may, in its discretion, reduce or suspend the compensation any such injured employee. If, for the purpose obtaining any benefit or pay, ment under the provisions this act, either for himself or for any other person, any one wilfully makes a false statement or representation, shall guilty a misdemeanor, and if a claimant shall forfeit aU right compensation under this act after conviction for such offense. As amende i. Every employer electing governed the provisions this act, help writing an assignment and every physician and surgeon who attends an injured employee, within the purview this act, hereby required ffle with the commission, under such rules and regulations as the commission may from time time make, a full and complete report every known injury an employee arising out or in the course his employment and resulting in loss life or injury such person.


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