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The coma less profound than in inost the diseases consider, and the patient may generally partially roused pressure upon the supra-orbital nerve, or other painful impression. The absence unequal and irresponsive pupils, the turning the eyeballs, resistance opening the lids, the good color and normal or merely excited heart and limg action, business school essay writing service all point toward the diagnosis hysteria.

Many cases, however, serious brain disease have associated hysterical symptoms, and search for any signs such trouble should made no matter how clear the diagnosis.

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Coma from Syncope. Unconsciousness from syncope readily recognized the custom essay writing service org pallor, weak or absent pulse, and the knowledge content writing services company some cause, psychic, as at the sight blood, as in the case a weak heart, physical, as when a patient weakened long illness sits for the first dissertation writers hire time.

Simple syncope usually very short duration if the patient placed in the horizontal position and the. Coma from Diabetes. Diabetic coma often preceded drowsiness, the odor acetone may detected in the breath or even in the air the room sugar, acetone, and diacetic acid are found in the urine and frequently the red flush the cheeks, eczema about the genitals, boils, dry skin, gangrene or other more or less characteristic features diabetes may seen.

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Dyspnea very striking in certain cases.

Coma from Oas Poisoning, Carbon Monozid, and Carbon Dioxid.

The increasing use water gas containing much CO has changed the picture gas poisoning, for the red color the blood saturated with this compound seen instead the cyanotic hue CO. The history commonly shows poisoning illuminating gas or coal or charcoal fire, can you write my research paper or exposure, in mines, wells or pits, the poisonourj.

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Coma Sepsis, as in Septicemia, Pyemia, Acute Tellow Atrophy the liver, Etc. Such unconsciousness generally easily recognized the associated clinical features.

Coma from Sunstroke and Heat Prestration. The unconsciousness sunstroke someone to write my paper often preceded convulsions. The history, the PARESTHESIA, TREMOR, VERTIGO, COMA, ETC.

extreme heat the day or the place where the attack occurred, the heat the skin, the fever, reaching degrees, render the diagnosis easy in most cases. In heat prostration the fever may absent and the skin cool, but the history makes the The danger that coma from a fractured skull or apoplexy may mistaken, for example, for that uremia or alcoholism should always borne in mind in these cases. Two causes may cooperate. Thus I have seen to-day an epileptic with uremic convulsions and This occurs phd writer under a great variety conditions. The patient excited, even maniacal, restless and incoherent active delirium, or quiet and only mildly restless, inattentive his surroundings and muttering incoherently low muttering delirium. All gradations are found between these types. Children and neurotic individuals are especially subject delirium. It may appear suddenly as at the beginning an acute infectious disease or develop gradually, showing only mildly at certain hours, especially at night.


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