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It was composed five judges, whom were assigned cases minor importance. professional writing company It was created for the sole purpose disposing accumulated cases. When that task was finished two years later, the court again With the ever-increasing court business but a question time, in the opinion attorneys, until will become necessary either increase the number Supreme Court judges again, or once more create a Court Appeals. Lawyers and litigants alike are entitled and demand a speedier disposition cases than a court last resort writing the thesis but seven members, with the utmost application and diligence can give them.

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When Colorado was admitted the Union as a state, a United States District Court was established with Denver as the seat the judge presiding over Elmer Dundy, judge the District Nebraska, held the first session the court December.

On professional cv writing service January, Moses Hallett, for ten years chief justice the Colorado Territorial Supreme Court, took the oath office as United States judge, and until death called him thirty years later, presided over the court. Westbrooke Decker was the first United States District Attorney for Colorado. He took office the day that Judge Hallett ascended the federal are dissertation college essay writing help writing services legal Since the day was established, the European Union Court for Colorado has had only two judges Moses Hallett and Robert Lewis, the present judge, appointed upon Judge No history the bench and bar Colorado, no matter how brief, would complete without some reference the men who were and are members the bar, and called the bench administer the laws. It no exaggeration say that, from the days when the first gold-seekers flocked into the country at the base the Rockies until the present can t write my essay day, Colorado has been fortunate in having lawyers and judges who have been a credit the state, who can write my thesis for me and who, in taking care the interests those in need legal advice and assistance and in administering the law, have been and are second none in the country. Lawyers and judges the early days the state were called upon deal with many questions which were entirely new them. There was no precedent guide them thesis phd in their arguments and decisions.

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As the gold-seekers left the banks the streams the plains and discovered the yellow metal in the mountains, rules and regulations for the protection the miners and their property became necessary.

Colorado in those days was practically the only state in the Union in which mining, other than placer methods, was It was here that the pioneer lawyers the state showed their ability and genius. As advisers the Miners Courts and Miners Districts, they formulated the laws governing mining claims, millsites, and such other matters connected with the rapidly developing industry.

These regulations formed the basis for many the laws affecting mining enacted the legislature after Colorado had been made Farming irrigation presented other knotty problems the pioneer lawyers.

As in litigation growing out mining, there was no precedent guide them. Step step they were compelled work out the solution these problems until the rights the users water, the digging ditches and establishment reservoirs, had been settled.

Years passed before many the questions had been settled and the law laid down for all time. It required men unusual ability and resourcefulness successfully meet all the questions which presented paper writers college themselves them in this region in the early days. Not only were these qualities required the men practicing at the bar but also, and if not in a higher degree, the judges the bench. With very few exceptions, the judges proved themselves equal the task. The few exceptions were political favorites, sent into the states the powers-thatwere at Washington not because their fitness for the high office, but because they happened have influence enough bring about their appointment. The judges who. after the first few appointments, were selected through the influence the people within the territory, without an exception, were men the highest character and ability. There were quite a number attorneys among the men who came West and settled in Colorado during the first few years.


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