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Coma from Cerebral Hemorrhage, Syphilis, and Other Oi nic Brain Diseases.

If a history can obtained may determine quite closely in most cases the cause the coma brain disease.

That syphilitic origin likely develop gradually and often without definite localizing paralytic signs.

That from cerebral thrombosis preceded numbness, tingling and formication, and comes gradually. The coma cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral embolism often instantaneous in origin, and high arterial tension, or signs valvular disease or other source embolism, point toward the one or the other. The face may flushed, cyanotic, or pale the respira PARESTHESIA, TREMOR, VERTIGO, COMA, ETC. tions are slow and often stertorous, the pupils are often unequal and not respond light and the signs hemiplegia are present flapping paralyzed cheek, drooping angle the mouth, conjugate deviation the eyes, abnormal flaccidity and loss skin reflexes, and the preliminary decrease and reactionary increase temperature the affected side.

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A gradually increasing coma present in ingravescent apoplexy, the hemorrhage in this type bringing about a full hemiplegia only after some hours, presumably college papers help from a very slowly increasing pressure upon the portions the brain exposed. Coma Typhoid, Malaria and Other Acute Infectious Diseases.

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The general character the febrile diseases suffices for the dissertation online help diagnosis in most cases.

The malarial plasmodium must sought for if a pernicious malarial paroxysm suggested.

Coma Traumatic Origin Injuries the skull should sought for with great care if no history obtainable. No ambulance phd dissertation writing services case should passed upon without this precaution, the head being shaved if necessary.

Escape blood or cerebral fluid from.

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Coma from Narcotic order essay online cheap Poisoning Opium and its Derivatives, Chloral and Other Narcotics. The slow pulse and respiration, cyanotic face, warm and dry, and later moist skin, and contracted pupils, point toward an opiate. In large cities many patients are seen, unconscious from knock-out drops used criminals a solution about forty grains chloral, generally admission college essay help given in beer or other liquor. The history may needed clear the diagnosis as the. Coma from Asphjrzia, Drowning, Etc. In asphyxia, drowning, and other suffocative accidents the history and surroundings must. Coma from Epilepsy and in Association with Convulsions Other Type. In epilepsy, puerperal convulsions, convulsions help thesis infectious diseases in children, and infantile eclampsia, coma often alternates with convulsions, as often the case in uremia. The scars the bitten tongue may present. Hysterical Coma. The preliminary manifestations hysteria and the general aspects the case arc likely give a clue the diagnosis.


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