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If the anesthesia bilateral and affecting the lower limbs, or these in conjunction with the lower part tlie trunk, may assume a cord lesion almost any origin, fracture, compression from Pott's disease, best essays writing service pressure from tumor, hemorrhage, myelitis, etc. the cause if hysteria excluded, since brain lesions are practically out the question. The presence sphincter disturbance and bedsores will confirmatory organic lesion, while in hysteria the sensation often remains intact over the genital and lower sacral Irregularity in distribution anesthesia commonly significant, according the distribution, either some form neuritis or hysteria. The characteristic feature hysterical anesthesia lies in the utter disregard tlie anatomy the nerve supply the affected region, and the segmental representation.

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If comparison the mapped-out area with the figures find a lack such correspondence, assume that the anesthesia hysterical, bearing in mind, however, the possibility trauma or disease several different nerve trunks or branches, which might give an appearance, upon superficial examination, lack the correspondence noted. Patchy anesthesia practically always neurotic in origin.


By this term mean excessive sensitiveness pain, analgesia signifying a loss such sensibility.

The former sufficiently considered under hyperesthesia, which may considered a part.

Analgesia especially significant in the diagnosis syringomyelia, yet hysteria enormously buy cheap research papers more frequent as a cause that must always considered. The so-called Morvan's disease and syphilis must also considered. The study the disturbance the temperature write my papers discount code sense especial use in the diagnosis sjTingomyelia, in which there often loss sensation for heat or for cold, or reversal these sensations.

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In tabes a less pronounced disturbance may noted.

The involvement the tendinous, muscular, and articular senses the basis ataxia excepting in the cerebellar form, where the lesion central, while in the ordinary form due interruption the passage sucli sensations along the sensory conducting tracts. Locomotor ataxia the disease in which seen best advantage, although the tracts may interrupted lesions in the pons, crura, and regions above, write my math paper as in hemiplegia. In multiple neuritis the damage rather peripheral, while in injury or disease the cord the interruption in or near the cord.

In various nervous diseases any one or more these senses may involved or lost. Each segment the spinal cord, as have seen, the center for the operation certain groups muscles. It also the center for certain movements involving the action these muscles, and spoken as reflexes. A stimulus from a sensory nerve comes a center in the cord, passes over the corresponding motor center, and reflected out upon the motor nerves the muscles supplied, giving rise a so-called reflex contraction. The whole path called the reflex arc, and a break in either afferent, central, or efferent portion the arc abolishes the reflex. As have seen elsewhere, the brain sends fibers each segment, having uk dissertation the function inhibiting the reflex arising there. Irritation increases the inhibitory action these fibers tending decrease or abolish the reflex, while destruction course writing an essay proposal withdraws their influence and the reflex becomes exaggerated. Several motor impulses at different levels may excited a single sensory impulse. The reflexes are cutaneous superficial, or tendinous deep.


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