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A month generally elapses from the arrest the disposition the case in court.

In some cases the nuisance continues even after conviction, necessitating a repetition the legal proceedings.

It small consolation a citizen into whose premises sewage flowing from neighboring premises informed that the matter in the hands the Corporation Counsel, or that the responsible person has been arrested. What wants the abatement the nuisance and properly believes that the function the Department Health abate as well as punish the responsible person.

Vacation the premises the Board a slow, cumbersome and often ineffective method dealing with urgent cases nuisance.

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Ample power promptly abate most nuisances seems conferred the Board Health the sections the Charter giving the Board power execute its orders through its own agents. A system someone write my essay for me procedure which would make possible the prompt online essay editing services use these powers in urgent cases, and at the same time would paper writing services for college students protect property owners against the unreasonable exercise these powers, would largely enhance the appreciation the efficiency the Department citizens. Sanitary Inspection Places Where Milk Sold. During the year two Inspectors have been assigned exclusively the sanitary inspection places where milk sold.

These Inspectors examine all places for which application made for permits sell milk. When not engaged they make systematic inspections stores where milk sold throughout the borough. The rule prohibiting the sale milk in apartments used for sleeping or domestic purposes has been rigidly enforced.

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Orders discontinue the sale milk because violation this rule or because filthy surroundings have been issued.

Several hundred permits were revoked because failure comply with the above mentioned rules.

If the offenders still persisted in selling milk, arrests were made.

During the summer months one Inspector with two Laborers was assigned the duty oiling stagnant pools which might serve as breeding places for mosquitoes. A volunteer inspector, with the co-operation the Department Public Works, undertook the work need help with writing a paper extermination in the Paerdegat basin section, in which oiling and some draining was done. The force available for this work was inadequate, however, that little was accomplished beyond the demonstration the fact that the problem mosquito extermination in this borough a very large one, and that if anything material accomplished, will the employment a large force and the expenditure a large amount money. The Sanitary Inspectors were also required report all stagnant pools which might serve as breeding places in their respective districts. By this means and through the work Knause, specially assigned this work, a systematic survey the field was obtained. Orders were issued nearly all owners land upon which stagnant water accumulates, remove dissertation titles all accumulations water therefrom, and keep the land permanently free from such accumulations. Practically nothing in the way securing compliance with these orders was done. Owners are naturally exceedingly reluctant make expenditures non-productive property further the Assistant Corporation Counsel has held that when land in a state nature, the owner having done nothing create a nuisance thereon, cannot i need to do my coursework held liable in legal proceedings for the accumulation water thereon. If, professional writing website therefore, this Department succeed in having such stagnant pools filled or drained, would appear that can only accomplished through the co-operation the Borough President and the Department Street Cleaning. After the termination the great strike in the coal fields, many consumers coal continued use bituminous coal, with the usual result large volumes smoke.


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