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Moved a stirring speech the learned Leonardo Aretino in, upon the urgent question the great increase illegitimate births in Florence, the Signoria determined erect a Foundling Hospital, where such unfortunate children might received and Designs for the edifice were prepared Brunellesco, and the Hospital was opened for its little inmates. The care was bestowed, the Signoria, upon the wealthy and rising Guild Silk. The number children within the Hospital in was sixteen hundred.

A sum ten thousand gold florins was raised for the purpose apprenticing the boys between the ages twelve and sixteen shipmasters At the corner the Piazza Santa Maria Novella and the Via della Scala, Lisa Ranieri Paganelli, the wife Gentile Vanni degli Albizzi, a member Guild Wool, founded write my custom paper a Home for four indigent widows the poorest class woollen workers Oltrarno. In connection with the University Florence, Niccolo Uzzano a wealthy Calimala writing dissertation service essay writing service discount merchant, his will, bequeathed a sum money build, and endow, a Hostel for the reception fifty poor but honest and promising young men, natives Florence.

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He nominated, as his trustees, the Consuls Calimala Guild. Da Uzzano was quite the most prominent citizen his day, the leader the aristocratic party, and the opponent the ambitions and aims the Medici. His disinterestedness and absolute loyalty have been memorialised Machiavelli, who puts into his mouth the saying God deliver this city from private usurpation. By way example the charitable liberality Florentine citizens in connection with their Guilds, the will Francesco Mantoa, may quoted. To the Spedale Santa Maria della Scala left six hundred gold florins for buy college essays online marrying girls and maintaining children, the Spedale San Giambattista, two hundred gold florins, the Spedale San Gallo, two hundred florins, the Compagnia del Bigallo, four hundred gold florins for distribution the occupants the debtors prison, and eight bushels bread a month for twenty years term paper buy and many bequests hospitals for completion, decoration, and repair.

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The Linen Manufacturers were not a whit behind the thesis only phd other Guilds in religious and charitable proclivities. Two members the Guild, Antonio Antonio and Giuliano Carracci, left their wills certain sums money invested for the cheap research papers for sale benefit the daughters deceased matriculated members as dowries upon marriage.

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The choice the maidens rested annually with the whole the living members, as did also the approval the fortunate swains, preference for whom was always given youths matriculated in the Guild. It interesting note that every popolo or parish in Florence had a number marriage portions for deserving In old Florence there were three great and influential general organisations a corporate character La Misericordia The founder this great institution was a plain market porter the name Pietro Borsi. Its history may essay proofreading service briefly told.

At the time the great annual fairs in the early part the thirteenth century, which were held in October and November, and which were chiefly concerned with the sale NOTE. In the foreground are rich men forming a Monte Pieta, whilst others woollen cloth native manufacture, many porters were employed carry goods from the manufactories the Market. research proposal writing service paraphrasing in counseling Whilst looking for jobs the men were accustomed congregate in and about the Piazza San Giovanni, and, in bad weather, they were permitted shelter in the cellar a house belonging the Adimari family. Here they spent their leisure in gambling, drinking, and blasphemy. When a mere stripling, Pietro Borsi joined this vicious society. He had been carefully and religiously brought and was greatly shocked the scenes and sounds around him. Waxing bold one day, approached a set men, who were the leaders in infamy, and reproved them, suggesting that would not a bad thing if they were impose upon one another, and upon all the frequenters the locality, a small fine every time a man uttered a blasphemous word, blasphemy was ever held as a grievous sin the Florentines. His proposition was received seriously, and was emboldened plead that the men should form themselves into a Society help the sick and needy. This also was agreed and, with the amount raised fines, they purchased six litters, one for use in each the six sestieri the city, convey victims street accidents, and sick persons generally, the Hospitals, and the dead burial. Contributions in money and kind flowed in, for example, during the Great Plague, thirty-five thousand gold florins represented the amount public alms bestowed upon the Fraternity.


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