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Gangrenous processes in the bowel, as in syphilitic, cancerous or dysenteric ulceration, give a more or less characteristic odor write my research paper cheap the passages. Food remnants are especially cheap online writing services abundant and unchanged in lienteric diarrhea, but certain portions a mixed diet may often distinguished in the normal stool, especially if mastication has been imperfect Milk curds often announce an attack indigestion, in Hnons. A small amount, well distributed, not abnormal. If in larger masses signifies an over action the mucous glands the large bowel.

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In mucous colitis present in masses, ribbons, or casts.

In dysentery stained with blood.

In general the abund EXAMINATION OF THE BODY FLUIDS ance mucus in large masses points colonic disease, while a lesser amount well distributed may have origin in the small boweL Pus. If in large amount best custom essay site comes from the rupture an abscess into some part the bowel, and a single dissertation to book discharge or separate purulent stools at intervals may present. Pelvic abscesses in women and appendicular suppuration auto essay writer in either sex constitute the majority such cases. Abscesses about the kidney, in the gall-bladder, buy homework papers liver and pancreas, subphrenic abscess, essay on helping the poor and needy and empyema may also rupture into the bowel. Dysenteric and other ulcerative processes in the intestinal tract may cause the stools contain pus for long periods. Blood.

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The normal appearance the unmixed blood from the bowel signifies the occurrence a fresh hemorrhage from the bowels, while the passing tarry blood, retained for some time and mixed with the feces, known as melena.

In the latter case the bleeding has occurred high in the bowel, the blood has been mixed with the feces during its passage, and the color has been changed the digestive processes. Bleeding occurs from conditions causing laceration or ulceration the mucous lining the digestive tract, online custom writing services from other conditions causing engorgement in certain constitutional diseases, and from rupture through the coats the stomach or bowel from without. Swallowed blood may also, course, discolor the stools. The laceration may through external violence or foreign bodies in the boweL The mucosa may bleed from the bites the hookworm. Ulceration occurs in the form peptic ulcer, gastric or duodenal, dissertation example and in dysenteric, tuberculous, cancerous, syphilitic and typhoidal processes.

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Engorgement the intestinal mucosa occurs in conditions blocking the portal circulation, notably in cirrhosis the liver and thrombosis the portal vein. In thrombosis the superior mesenteric vein and embolism the corresponding artery bleeding into the bowel may noted. In any the purpuric diseases, leukemia, and The choked condition the incarcerated loop the bowel accounts for the bloody stools intussusception. The rupture an engorged hemorrhoidal vein the source the blood in bleeding piles, the most frequent form hemorrhage from the bowel. Rupture an aneurism into the digestive tract may cause a very do my coursework online abundant someone to write my essay and even fatal hemorrhage. The passage a large quantity dark blood would lead one think especially duodenal ulcer, and fresh blood, typhoid fever. Death may occur in either condition before the blood passes the anus, the symptoms being those internal hemorrhage.


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