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The number judges remained unchanged until the present year, when the Twenty-second General Assembly saw fit abolish one the three judgeships in the fourth district. Today twenty-two district buy a essay judges are disposingof the business which forty-one years ago four judges were able handle satisfactorily. The only special court in Colorado today the Denver Juvenile which is the best essay writing service Court, created an act the General Assembly. For ten years following Colorado's admission the Union, the Supreme Court remained the only appellate court the state. As the years passed and the district courts began dispose an ever-increasing number cases, the number causes submitted the Supreme Court for final review grew also until finally the court's docket became as badly congested as that any district court in the state.

Litigants were compelled wait a year or more before their Many attorneys practicing at the bar advocated an increase the number judges the Supreme Court as the best and speediest remedy bring relief. They, however, were in the minority. Following the example set a number eastern states, the General Assembly created what was known as the Supreme Court Commission help me write a paper as an auxiliary the court.

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Under the provision the act creating this commission, the Supreme Court judges assigned such cases as they selected the commissioners, whom there were three. The commissioners examined these cases and, their examination the record finished, submitted opinions the judges for approval. The plan would have worked excellently but for the fact that the judges, help writing college essays in order able approve the opinions submitted the commission, were compelled look into the cases themselves see whether they agreed with the commissioners or not. The result was that as much time was required for the disposition a case as if a judge had handled the case essay editing tips from Three years the Supreme Court Commission convinced lawyers and laymen alike that some other remedy had found bring i need help with a persuasive essay about a speedier adjudication civil. action and criminal cases. The advocates an enlarged Supreme Court again made an effort essay writing services usa have the number judges increased, but, as before, their efforts were doomed failure.

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Instead, the Eighth General Assembly created a Court Appeals, giving jurisdiction over litigation coming from the lower courts. George Richmond, today an active member the Denver bar, Gilbert Reed and Julius Bissell were the first judges appointed as judges this court.

For fourteen years this court assisted the Supreme Court in disposing the litigation which had accumulated in the course years. Altogether its judges decided not less than, cases. The Court Appeals was abolished the Sixteenth phd thesis writing help General Assembly.

those lawyers and judges favoring an increased Supreme Court as the only satisfactory means successfully disposing the accumulation appealed cases, were successful in their efforts have the number the judges the state's highest tribunal increased a number which, in their judgment, would phd research proposal writing services sufficient take care all appealed cases.

Through their efforts the General Assembly was induced pass a bill abolishing the Court Appeals and increasing the number Supreme Court judges from three seven. The Court Appeals passed out existence April, and the following day the enlarged Supreme Court, with William Gabbert as chief justice, held its first session. Accumulation business again compelled the state's lawmakers have recourse a Court Appeals. Despite the increase its membership seven, the Supreme Court had been unable dispose its cases as rapidly as was desirable in the interests right and justice. For the purpose helping the court dispose many cases minor importance, the Court Appeals was called into being again.


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