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McKeen, Assistant Corporation counsel in charge, dated October.

I desire call your attention a portion When, after exhausting your efforts compel a compliance with your orders, your Department decides finally upon a prosecution, civil or criminal, all the papers in the case should, I suggest, sent this office.

Mr. Wilson will, upon certain specified dates, or at such other times as may convenient, meet your Inspectors at your office, or here, and draw complaints. In opinion would preferable not send the papers the Corporation Counsel's office. I net see that anything gained doing, as an interview with the Inspector necessary, in order professional cv and resume writing services draw the complaint, as complaints masters dissertation writers cannot drawn from the essay proofread papers.

It would, therefore, appear that forwarding papers the Corporation custom papers writing Counsel's office would result in delay and confusion. When the Corporation Counsel was prepared act in a given case, would, under this plan, necessary for him communicate with this office, and arrange I would therefore suggest that instead forwarding papers the Corporation article writers Counsel's office, Mr.

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Wilson should designate two days per week, which days would here at specified hours. I would then arrange have the Inspectors who have had cases in which a prosecution was necessary, hand. These cases would have been reinspected beforehand, and the complaint could drawn at once. The method procedure set forth above having been approved the Board, was adopted. Its practical operation somewhat as follows When orders are returned after reinspection not complied with, a Counsel's Notice, threatenmg prosecution, prepared. These notices are signed an Assistant from the Corporation Counsel's office, and mailed the persons against whom the orders have been issued. The orders are held for one week, after which they are issued for reinspection. If again returned not complied with, the order referred a Police officer, with the following directions Refer with directions obtain evidence ownership, and notify that unless complied with forthwith, prosecution will commenced.

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The object this reference twofold.

To secure compliance with the order, if possible, bringing the direct attention the responsible person. To secure the necessary legal evidence responsibility should proceedings When the order returned the officer with the evidence resoonsibility, held for one week, and then issued for reinspection with the following directions These premises are reinspected, and if order has not been complied dissertation writing help with, report made the Chief Inspector and Assistant Corporation Counsel in If upon reinspection the order found still not complied with, the Inspector reports the facts the Chief Inspector and the Assistant Corporation Counsel, who at the office the Department Health once a week for the purpose receiving these reports and preparing complaints upon which warrants are obtained. As a means ultimately securing compliance with orders, this method has proved fairly effective, as shown the fact that was found necessary institute criminal proceedings in but cases during the eleven months ending November. orders having been issued during this period. In some few cases, such as non-resident owners, impossibility securing evidence ownership, property in litigation, etc. fails. As a means securing prompt abatement nuisances, however, the method sadly deficient. In ordinary cases about six weeks elapses between the receipt a complaint and the arrest the delinquent, when arrest becomes necessary.


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