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Urine trace albumin no sugar moderate number hyaline and Further notes may placed the reverse side the card.

Two or more cards may clipped together if desirable. The History or Anamnesis.

After noting the name, age, sex, occupation, civil condition single or otherwise, and the residence the patient, with the date examination, ask him if there any especial family tendency disease. One may ask, Has there been any particular disease especially common in your family ? Next may ask if the patient has ever been seriously ill.

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The symptoms may now noted, but one should seek for certain evidence in every case, as cough, digestion, passage urine, master thesis writing service movement the bowels, habits as alcohol, coffee, etc.

menstruation in women, miscarriages, etc. If the history given in such a rambling, aimless, time-consuming way as make necessary, one may adopt the plan asking answers direct questions.

In such a case opportunity should given later for the mention the patient anything not properly brought out. It not necessary ask in every case as the presence venereal disease, hereditary syphilis, pregnancy, alcoholism, etc. but the physician should alert perceive the slightest evidence that any such condition exists, and follow as required. Nor should one's ideas the clinical manifestations the disease influenced in the slight est degree because the age, occupation, social standing, or supposed moral standing the patient.

When the physician declines ask for the history gonorrhea in certain bladder diseases, syphilis when a double tibial periostitis exists, concerning the use alcohol when a well-dressed woman complains numbness top rated essay writing service and pain in her fingertips, or the use snuff or cigarettes when attacks otherwise inexplicable palpitation exist, or pregnancy in a young woman with morning vomiting and suppressed menstruation, jeopardizes at once his patient's welfare and his own reputation.

The inquiries should course lead along the line the symptoms, in many these instances, but where suspicion points with suflScient force must put the burden where belongs direct questions.

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In five instances out some two hundred cases functional cardiac disease I found the trouble due use cigarettes in two women, using snuff in two, chewing tobacco in one. A lack this knowledge would have defeated every effort toward The history the case having been ascertained should proceed with the general examination the patient, this followed special examination as the developments the case seem The dress, general behavior, condition nutrition, color, posture, gait, intelligence and general character the patient are noted almost unconsciously, if one sufficiently familiar with mankind in general. The young physician should take every opportunity see disease in or custom essay cheap otherwise come in contact with, people all social conditions and different races, in order broaden his foundations.

Many the diseases rarely seen in this country have come under own observation in those foreigners do my essay cheap from almost every land whom one may find in any large city. A little time spent with a Japanese physician, for instance, in examining one his countrymen, may bring small remuneration, but as tending exercise one's powers observation, cultivate one's tact, enlarge one's field clinical experience, such time well spent. When certain obvious features like the high fevet and red sputum the patient with acute pneumonia lead the physician at once the seat the trouble, a systematic examination someone help me write my thesis into the history the patient for the purpose diagnosis not imperative. In many cases where the symptoms are more or less indefinite, however, a regular plan should followed. This must sufficiently comprehensive include every important element necessary the detection notable disease in any set organs in the body. Yet, if too prolix, either consumes more time than thesis proposal writing service possible devote the average case or habitually slighted as little value. There are many diseases indicated some particular sign or symptom which are perfectly easy diagnosis if have our attention called the possibility their occurrence, yet are easily overlooked write my college paper for me or forgotten if not sought for. Many times may overlook the key the whole case simple omission, if not accustomed look in every place where important evidence found.


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