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As the strength increases next have a contraction upon closing the circuit with the positive pole the nerve ACC.

Next comes the contraction the positive opening AOC, and lastly, often not until the current painful, the contraction upon negative opening. With fairly strong current the two intermediate reactions may reversed. We may express the order the above reactions muscles galvanic current as follows Beaction Degeneration.

When degeneration taking place in a muscle from trauma or disease affecting its nerve supply neuritis, poliomyelitis the faradic reaction becomes sluggish or disappears. At the same time the galvanic reactions change that the response the muscle slow and sluggish, and the anodal closing contraction ACC becomes greater than the cathode closing contraction, although both are less vigorous than the reactions a normal muscle.

The anode opening contraction AOC disappears and the cathode opening contraction present in but few cases. If the paralysis temporary and recovery sets in, these reactions gradually return normal.

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If permanent the galvanic reactions eventually disappear years.

The information obtain from electrodiagnosis may epitomized as follows If muscles respond properly faradic and galvanic currents, neither they nor their lower motor neurons are diseased, but the central nervous system may If the reaction degeneration present, disease some part the lower neuron TROPHIC AND VASOMOTOR DISTURBANCES In certain conditions the chief manifestation lies in a disturbance the nutrition the parts involved because the lesion the nervous structures which preside over nutrition. We speak these as trophic diseases. The trophic influences travel chiefly in the motor nerve fibers dissertation proposal example the muscles, but there may separate fibers yet unknown elsewhere. The rapid wasting in poliomyelitis known due the loss the trophic influences the lower neurons.

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Cortical trophic centers are believed at fault as the explanation the slow atrophy in the case old central paralysis.

The atrophy which accompanies write my nursing paper amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and bulbar palsy similar that chronic poliomyelitis but the gray niatter the cord found involved, the upper and lower neurons being the website that writes essays for you both implicated, the latter being responsible for the atrophy.

The unused muscles in joint disease, etc. shrink uniformly, but not degenerate, and retain their electrical reactions.

In so-called arthritic atrophy this process thought reinforced reflex irritation proceeding from sensory nerves about the joint. In the diiferential diagnosis the muscular atrophies, the presence the reaction degeneration and fibrillary twitching characteristic the spinal and neuritic types, the absence both, the idiopathic muscular atrophic type muscular dystrophies. Muscular hypertrophy occurs as a trophic process in Thomsen's disease. In pseudohypertrophy the increase due proliferation interstitial tissue and fat, and not increase in the muscle help me write a personal statement fibers. Certain internal secretions have a trophic influence, and the withdrawal or derangement the secretion, due disease the glands thyroid, pituitary may cause the changes in the skin and other tissues noted in such diseases as myxedema, acromegaly, and adiposis An increase or decrease the blood supply beyond the normal limits, due disease the vasomotor mechanism, the essential cause such conditions as Raynaud's disease, erythromelalgia and angioneurotic edema. Angioparalysis the active agent in some these troubles, and angiospasm in others. In women at the menopause, in coursework writing services exophthalmic goiter, and in neurasthenia, an ataxia the vasomotor apparatus angioataxia often seen, with marked alternations between spasm and relaxation the vessels. Trophic disturbances are notoriously frequent and troublesome in many serious nervous diseases.


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