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Vermiglio Alfani represented the Emperor Germany, Simone de Rossi the Emperor Byzantium, Musciatta Franzesi the King France, Ugolino de Cerchi the King England, dissertation editor and Florence herself being directly represented Palla de Strozzi.

A large suite knights, superbly mounted and attired, escorted the ambassadors, who were all equipped in the State uniforms Boniface, amazed at the magnificence the cavalcade, and Borghini, Discorso della Moneta Fiorentina. astonished at the opulence the gifts brought his feet, cried out, as records an old manuscript Whatever sort a city this Florence ? No one was found ready with an answer, but at last a Cardinal, fearing the Papal displeasure, timidly remarked Your Holiness, the city Florence a good city.

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Nonsense, replied the Pope, she far away the greatest all cities She feeds, clothes, cheap essay services and governs all ! Indeed she appears rule the whole world ! She, and her people, are in truth, the fifth element the universe ! Of all the rich men Florence in the fourteenth century probably Niccolo degli Alberti was the richest. He died, possessed at least three hundred and forty thousand gold florins.

an enormous sum in those days ! Florence was considered the richest city in Europe every useful trade and ornamental art flourished exceedingly. No less than two million gold florins were in effective circulation an amount not arrived at research papers writing site that writes essays for you service in London until the year ! The expenses the wars with Genoa, Pisa, and Leghorn, amounted, two and a half millions gold florins a further proof prosperity and wealth.

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In the same year the number Sopportatori, Ratepayers, those who contributed the year's At that period the city, writes Giovanni Cambi, appeared richer than ever before, for whereas forty years before fourteen hundred gold florins were given as a marriage portion both sides among citizens the Greater Guilds, they now give as much as two thousand five hundred, and even three thousand, gold Machiavelli has a sententious economic axiom which exactly places the condition industrial and financial matters in their writing dissertation service true and sound relative positions, when writes as follows the Florentines, merchants and citizens, his time. He says The people are rich when money custom essay does not out their country, when they are content with what their land produces, and when money constantly brought in those who want the products their industry, which they supply foreign countries. The wealth the city during the first decade the sixteenth century attracted princely usurpers and beggars from all lands.

To the King France the Republic paid, gold florins, and the same amount the Emperor, whilst the King Spain In, however, owing the numbers armed bands, marching and fro, the city was strongly fortified and the liberty the citizens was greatly curtailed. No person was allowed more than sixteen miles beyond the city boundaries.

Provisions for a period fifteen days were not permitted enter the disertation city without paying duty, except wine thesis guidelines and oil, upon which the tax was reduced fifty per cent. The famous siege Florence Pope Clement and his mercenaries, under the Prince Orange, found Michael Angelo Buonarroti at the head affairs as generalissmo the forces and director-in-chief the fortifications.

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The enemy approached the city crying Prepare, Florence, your brocades help with proposal essay gold, are coming purchase them with the A very interesting relic the ancient commercial greatness Florence seen in the existence the little wicket-gates, or small shop doors at the corner the palaces nobles.

Over them one reads the words, Canova Vino Canova Torchi Cera Canova delF Olio etc. etc.

indicating that the produce the princely owners estates or factories might purchased Machiavelli, Le Istorie Firenze, Lorenzo Pignotti, Storia della Toscana. retail within. As a case in point, the Strozzi family still keeps a In the Buondelmonte Palace a few years ago was discovered hidden away a pocket writing-tablet. The leaves this memorandum book are wood, covered with a cake wax. Upon this medium the merchant whom had belonged had, with a stile, made many entries and marks concerning the day's business. Unhappily the outer cover, which probably bore the owner's name, has disappeared, but the date, I, quite legible. Guido del Antella, has left in his Ricordanze not only his trade-journal, but also a diary domestic life, which full interest, and reveals much the essay editing service reviews inner life the Florentines the fourteenth century. These Ricordanze were continued In the head the family says that has taken as domestic servant, one Caterina del Passa, at a wage six gold florins a year, with a three weeks annual holiday.


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