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This highly placed dignitary, at all public functions took precedence immediately after the Podesta and the Captain the People.

He was the first all the Consuls all the Guilds, and him was accorded a supremacy in their jurisdiction. He was accorded a Palace for his residence, in the street, later called Via del Proconsolo. The Proconsul and Consuls could at any time summon a meeting the whole the members, both judicial and notarial. They could also associate with themselves, as assessors, any need an essay written number judges when occasion demanded. They sat in all civil and criminal causes affecting members the Guild. Their advice was sought whenever new laws were proposed the State any section the inhabitants.

research paper services With respect the Guild itself, the Proconsul and term paper custom Consuls presided at the matriculation and enrolment new members.

The examination incumbent upon candidates was conducted Membership in the Guild was sought the sons noble families and the influential homework paper writers merchant citizens, quite buy thesis uk as much account the social position bestowed, as for its professional Matriculation was obligatory upon all who sought legal appointments. No person however was eligible for matriculation who had resided ten or more years away from Florence or whose father, brothers, or uncles had failed pay in full all dues required the State. Capacity for legal functions, and ability in notarial exercises, were incumbent upon all candidates, who were subject a rigorous public examination the Consuls. The association the Judges and the Notaries in one Society was an early necessity commercial convenience and legal jurisprudence.

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The delivery judgments, and their registration, involved two distinct but inseparable functions.

Whilst in the internal economy the Guild all members were equal in brotherhood, in all public business priority position was accorded the Judges. There was, at all times, no little jealousy the part the Notaries at their apparent inferiority station. Sometimes the rivalry became serious, and led a partial separation the two branches the want to buy a research paper Each division, in that year, elected separate Consuls manage its affairs apart. All Guild business which required the consent, or dissent, both divisions, Judges and Notaries, had voted upon, first in separate Session and then, an adjournment was made the hospital San Piero Scheraggio, where a final decision was arrived at a union votes.

By the end help with english writing the century the disagreement was suppressed, and the labours and honours the Guild were loyally borne both sections together. Henceforth the high tone which characterised the bearing Judges and Notaries raised the Guild in honour and reputation the highest place in the hierarchy The Residence the Consuls Guild Judges and Notaries was at the corner the Via de Pandolfini, a modest building which offered little rivalry with the fine palaces the Consuls the Merchant Guilds. Over its principal entrance was put the Stemma or escutcheon the best resume writing services nj Guild a gold star in a blue field. These armorial bearings were varied in later times and four blue stars in a golden field were substituted. The Podesta was the Supreme Judge in all criminal causes, but delegated his authority the three Senior Judges the Guild not being Consuls and rarely, if ever, sat in Court, except in special cases, which involved the honour the State. The first Podesta, appointed Grasselli, Milan. He had for his Council four Judges and fourteen Notaries. The faimliga household, the Podesta usually consisted seven Judges called Collaterali three Knights, eight Esquires, eighteen Notaries, ten Horsemen, two Trumpeters, twenty Javelin-men, and one page.


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