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That there were many linked industries included in the membership the Guild goes without saying, but what were their relations one with another not easy say.

One such association recorded Compagnia degli Arcariai Company Makers Bows and Arrows.

Armourers were looked to supply camp equipage generally as well as the arms and armour the soldiers.

Trabacche bell tents, and Padiglioni pavilions, were made stout canvas, and were, in early days, provided the soldiery themselves. The latter were often immense size, very handsomely adorned with painting and embroidery, and were much beflagged. Doubtless the progress the Guild was much assisted the ample native supply metals for which Tuscany was ever famous. As significant the expansion there a record in the Archives which states that In September an Assisi merchant pro mised pay Nato Melliorati and Pela Lapi, partners in business and citizens and merchants Florence, a sum seventy lire, payable within a month, for a certain consignment merchandise belts, hats, breeches, bucklers, helmets, and swords.

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In the following year also there a record a credit sale three Florentine armourers and merchants a tradesman from Assisi, a number breastplates, breeches, helmets, caps, and short In the Taxing List, when the Guilds were mulcted in proportionate charges for the benefit the State, Arte Corazzai Spadai put down for one hundred and fifty lire a very small sum indeed as compared with the contribution two thousand gold florins the Arte della Lana In the same List Compagnia degli A rcariai charged separately the very modest sum eight lire the least amount all. In the days the Condottieri, when the spirit warfare and the scourge brigandage were joined hand in hand, lethal weapons and body armour were greatly in demand.

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Florentines however were an industrial race, not a warlike folk, and managed Vast sums money were paid for the arming, mounting, and provisioning the trained bands mercenary troops, who, led Florentine commanders or alien captains, vindicated the honour City the Lily and proclaimed her power over rash opponents. Such leaders were Uguccione della Faggiola, Castruccio Castracane, Bartolommeo Colleoni, Giovanni de Medici delle Bande Nere, Guarnieri, and Hawkwood.

Each Condottiere regarded his troop, and some them numbered thousands soldiers, as the arbiter peace and war, and took the utmost pains keep his armaments abreast his times.

Every young Florentine birth pay to do my paper was trained in some such school as that Urbino, and quickly assimilated the teaching help with a thesis sentence Castiglione's Courtier. I would have, wrote the Count, a complete gentleman good shape, and well proportioned in his limbs, yet light and easy, and well acquainted with all exercises becoming men arms. To handle, besides, well all kinds weapons, and wrestle well, which generally accompany The kit a Florentine warrior was no means a small one, nor one cheaply obtained. In October an armourer, Barna Valorino name, presented his bill for goods supplied a knight, one Paolo Sassetti, which bill the way was made out the hands Ser Lorenzo Ser Lando, a notary One Cuirass with screw and lace holes. One Helmet with an iron band or chin-chain.

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One pair Gauntlets fine chain-work. One pair Armlets, and Cuffs leather. One pair Thigh-pieces thin metal. Although the prices these articles are not appended, gather, from a Price List the year, that was no inconsiderable undertaking furnish a knight with his body creative writing websites for students armour, weapons, cheap essay writing service online horse, and banners. A ronzone, charger, cost forty fifty gold florins, and his daily essay help keep at a public-stable came the fifth part a gold florin, or more. A need help writing papers pair spurs cost half a gold florin, a bridle three-fourths, and a chased chafing-bit nearly one gold florin. i need help writing a essay For the Page, a mule cost twenty gold florins, a pair stirrups half a gold florin, and the bridle three quarters. A sumpter-horse for a servant cost at least twenty-five gold If Milan was the acknowledged mart for warlike armour, Florence was no less renowned as the source weapons display.


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