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attracting furniture dealers will someone write my paper for me from all over This leading industry High Point made factories producing nearly every conceivable kind household furniture. The native skill the european-born laborer has been highly developed in this industry his own betterment and the success the industry.

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The contributing factors success have been labor, power, transportation, raw materials and markets, all Southern Furniture Exposition Building, with Stories and Acres High Point has two cotton mills and two silk mills. Hosiery-manufacturing has been developed as a natural result proximity yarn mills. It will noted upon investigation that, whereas cotton mills have sought out the smaller communities and isolated sections, industries making a finished product, such as hosiery, have located invariably in the largest towns, and as in the case High Point, closer the Northern markets.

There are hosiery mills in High Point. Most the mills are as modern as can found in the country, both in building and machinery. The majority them are highly successful. The reasons for this are found in the peculiar advantages High Point has offer reasonable labor costs, cheap power, proximity markets, temperate climate, excellent transportation facilities and nearness raw materials. Passing from the two leading High Point industries, furniture and hosiery manufacturing, find a balance diversified products among other factories making not only allied products, but a variety merchandise.

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High Point opportunity for successful industry lies in two favorable urgent custom essays major facts economical production and proximity metropolitan markets.

People in this territory have money spend because they are regularly employed at fair wages. As in all industrial communities, most the money stays at A few the successful diversified industries, classified Silk, rayon cloth, cotton batting, veneer, panels, plywood, art glass, mirrors, paints, varnishes, lacquer, caskets, hardwood dimension stock, building material, hosiery yarns, overalls, work shirts, trailers, paper boxes, corrugated shipping containers, batteries, wood-working and electrical machinery, overall and clothing tickets, wall cleaner, write my assignments etc.

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phd research proposal writing services Census figures for High Point since show the, Census preliminary Manufacturing additions from the outside have kept pace with inside expansion. For every increase in size an established factory, a completely thesis phd new organization or plant has come in, proving that nothing succeeds like success in High Point.

High Point and its surrounding territory the make. college essay services Its industries are growing, new industries are coming in, the local markets are need help with essays increasing and the people are prosperous. Today High Point moves with a gathered momentum, the result the progress the entire state North Carolina, and the entire Piedmont section. High Point in the center this progress, retaining many advantages peculiar itself. academic writing services company High Point in the largest and wealthiest county in the buy a paper online state. It convenient the largest cities in the state. It the main line the Southern, the leading railroad in the South. It has connections with competitive roads through its own locally-owned short line, the High Point, Thomasville Denton It the New York-New Orleans air mail route. Hard surfaced roads lead in all directions points near and far.


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