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The family papers Balducci Pegolotti, and the records the Peruzzi Company, explain that the testing the currency Florence was done means paragoni or touchstones. The Company, for example, received four gold florins every year from the Mint for the hire a touchstone, which they sold outright for twenty gold florins. The charge for testing coins with a touchstone was six denari.

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It appears likely that the Money-changers kept a pay for freelance writers touchstone them, and made a charge for its use their clients The following an extract from a manuscript. For four touchstones which have in Florence, are receive in the kalends July one hundred and sixty-four gold florins, paid Giotto Peruzzi and our Company as in the book del Asse. One in the gold Mint, for the hire which receive custom law essay four florins a year the other three are with Bartolo Uguccioni in his house at the shop.

In the Balducci Pegolotti manuscript a dissertation the practice and method treating and alloying gold and silver.

The formula for refining buy college research papers online gold with cement required the composition the cement, brick-dust and salt, absolutely pure, and free from earth and sand. Separating gold and silver was done with sulphur and lighted charcoal.

Many other instructions follow, the coursework plagiarism gold being always reckoned the carat, and the alloy the Balducci Pegolotti further says For the expenses the Mint Florence may calculated that the cost melting Ibs. gold will one denari gold.

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And in refining the gold, that the gold and silver taken from the cement, from six ounces gold you will receive five ounces refined gold. And help with argumentative essay the cost refining a pound gold soldi piccioli for the expenses the chief refiner.

And the cost one fuoco, firing, in the mint, as decreed for the better safeguard the Commune, costs soldi denari piccioli per pound, for the expenses the Rimettitori the said mint.

And for melting the cement papers help and cleansing, a mass help writing a narrative essay which they make pounds cement, costs soldi in florins soldi the gold florin.

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And the cost parting the gold and silver taken from the cement soldi and denari piccioli per pound. And the cost in Florence for a carat gold parted from the silver cementation soldi a fiorini soldi the gold florin. And the cost the rough silver parted from the gold soldi a fiorini an ounce. And the cost in Florence the slag from the melted cement each mass soldi piccioli. It may calculated that for gold carried the Florentine exchangers for sale, either flat or in bars, the price will for carat gold, soldi, denari a fiorini, and downwards according the carat. And denari a fiorini for each carat silver. Thus far Balducci Pegolotti. The reader will observe that the lire, soldi and best essay writing website denari are designated a fiorini, which means a florin account and not market florin that a conventional or imaginary florin soldi, like the scudo and The ancient Registers the Florentine Mint, which fortunately remain give particulars every six months the administration the mint, and striking the currency. But as no register was kept before, the chronicler Villani, who was one the heads the Mint, introduced an official book called the Fiorinario? which explained the stamp or symbols impressed upon the coins struck every six months, this book in the Magliabecchian Library. These symbols ceased described in, for the Masters the Mint, being members the FIRENZE RICCA PER INDUSTRIA! leading families, suppressed the stamps, and struck the money with In, the Duke Calabria appointed two principal merchants execute the offices assayers the gold and silver coinage for a period six months.


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