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In efforts before a jury, and in appeals addressed still worse for then not only must appear without preparation and at the end a tedious and tiresome trial, but as here supposed, a lawyer, and not a legal kite, restricted a discussion certain facts in evidence, and from which, as a lawyer, will not seek depart, and The Bench and Bar Colorado also the effect which the court gives the law such facts and here, too, the record makes as fleeting as the facts and the wandering vagaries the jury before whom discusses them a record remembered for an hour and then forgotten forever. Thus the small audience, the interests opposing counsel, and the fact that the court who decides against one never thinks much the effort the one holds against, and the further fact that, in the nature the case, no record such effort possible, places the lawyer at a disadvantage under which no other essays writers profession or calling rests, far as his record concerned. In the printed arguments which are addressed the appellate courts, the case but little better, since they are buried in the files the court, read only the counsel the other side, and the court, and often not understandingly, and without sufficient attention the facts follow the argument, much less give the credit and weight which deserves. So, while the judgment the court what the law recorded, the argument the lawyer as what should recalled only forgotten.

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Without disparagement either the other professions, or the ability, or pretenses ability, or the character those who are more strictly deemed public men, must admitted that the evidence character and ability afforded a reputation as a lawyer in the front rank his profession, beyond all question, superior that which offered the holding any mere public position or ofiice ever has, or in and itself ever can afford. Nor there in any other calling or profession sure or accurate a measure afforded, which any one may tried and tested, as in this.

The quack in medicine may meet with wondrous success the minister Charles Honeyman's type exists not alone in fiction the statesman, or rather the supposed statesman, since where a statesman ought may destitute alike character and ability, if possessed either, only in a very limited degree the creature circumstances or accidents, a partisan, the creature a compromise, perhaps, between a level-headed man and a lunatic, whose only qualification was his availability or his wealth. primary essay writers for pay school report writing help But the lawyer who contents himself with being a lawyer, who neither desires nor seeks anything else than that, and who, thus seeking, attains a standing at the head his profession, reaches that place, not accident a website that writes essays for you or wealth, or the fostering care interested partisans, but reason, and reason alone, a combination great ability, untiring industry and fair moral character, truthfulness and honesty.

Help with writing a persuasive essay

No man has attained, and no man ever will attain, such a place, who has not all these in more than ordinary measure. No lawyer has ever made a reputation as such, mere smartness, much less trickery, untruthfulness or dishonesty, and no profession ever opened fairer fields for the exercise all the essentials character and ability than paraphrasing quiz does the legal profession. iHEN the first seekers after gold pitched their camp upon the banks Cherry Creek, near its confluence with the Platte, in the spring, and thus laid the foundation for what, in the course a few years, developed into the City best resume writing services in nyc Denver, the greater part what today known as Colorado was part the Territory Kansas.

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All the territory west a straight line drawn from the northeast corner New Europe the southern boundary Nebraska and extending as far as the Utah line was embraced in the Kansas county Arapahoe, and the first court in this region the Pike's Peak country was commonly called was a Kansas Buried in the archives Kansas, among the records that state's territorial days, an act passed the territorial legislature August, which, among other things, provides for the appointment one Allen Tibbitts as probate example dissertation judge Arapahoe county. Inasmuch as Arapahoe county contained the major part our present-day Colorado, Tibbitts may rightfully called Colorado's first judge, even though never visited Arapahoe county, much less held court within its boundaries.

Why Judge Tibbitts failed assume the duties his office not recorded. Most likely was aware the fact that, with the exception a few trappers and hunters, there were no white people in the country then, and did not relish the long overland trip in those days when hostile Indians infested the region. March, witnessed the organization the first real court in the Pike's Peak country. online thesis writing With the arrival a steady stream gold seekers and others in the settlements along Cherry Creek and the Platte, the need a court had made itself felt in the community. Accordingly the organi zation a probate court, along with a full complement county officers, such as sheriff, registrar deeds, coroner, attorney, road supervisors, etc. was determined upon. An election was held in March, and Wagoner, one the earliest arrivals in the Pike's Peak country, received most votes for the office probate judge. Memoirs pioneer residents and the records the State's early history fail give any definite information regarding the territory over which the jurisdiction this probate county extended as a matter fact, Judge Wagoner and the men who had elected him were not quite sure. In February, one month before Judge Wagoner's elevation the bench, the Kansas legislature had enacted a law dividing the Arapahoe county into four counties, doctor, Broderick, El Paso and Oro. The Cherry Creek settlements, where most the people then lived, were within the confines doctor, comprising practically the entire northwestern section the State as constituted today. Some contended that Wagoner was elected probate judge for the county Arapahoe, as constituted the Act, which had named Judge Tibbitts others insisted that Wagoner's jurisdiction extended only over doctor county. Be this as may, Wagoner duly help write a thesis statement for me qualified as probate judge, and the other officers elected with him assumed the duties their office, among them Marshall Cook, the Wagoner and his fellow officers had been in office but a few months when the settlers in the Rocky Mountain region, or at least a goodly portion them, became imbued with the best term paper service idea seceding from Kansas and setting an independent government.


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