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Additional space was furnished the Chemical Laboratory extending the flooring directly over the rooms occupied the library, office Secretary the Commissioner and room occupied the Stenographers and Typewriters. This was very readily accomplished, the ceilings the rooms mentioned being considerable In accordance with your instructions November, I forward herewith the annual report for the current year, together with the statistical portion the same for the first three quarters the year, with two columns left at the right hand side the page for the addition the last quarter and the total. During the year the Sanitary Bureau has consisted two divisions, the Division Contagious Diseases and that Inspections. Diphtheria The report this division for the year shows that the reported cases diphtheria have considerably exceeded those the year about.

The number homework help with essays deaths from this disease the present time has also been in excess those the number about. The death rate per, inhabitants does not materially differ from that but there has been a marked decrease in the case fatality, the reduction being per cent. This marked decrease shows that the physicians during the year have reported the cases diphtheria coming under their professional care a greater extent than during any year since, which the farthest that the records have been examined for this purpose. An additional factor in the increased number cases reported may also found in the fact that a considerable number trial cultures have been made in the schools. The present year has also been characterized an increased use antitoxin both as a curative agent in diphtheria and also for immunizing purposes. The total number curative antitoxin help writing a term paper injections, while persons persuasive essay writing help have been immunized.

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I desire in this connection call attention the relatively small number culture stations in the Borough Brooklyn.

While there are in the boroughs Manhattan and The Bronx these stations there are in the Borough Brooklyn but. Repeated demands have been made during the year for an increase in this number, some which have been denied upon the recomendation this Bureau, inasmuch as there seemed no demand for the establishment culture stations at the points for which application was made the other hand a number these stations were, in the opinion this borough ofifice, very online paper writer much needed, and recommendation for their essay help online establishment was forwarded, but was not favorably phd thesis writing acted upon. This I understand due th? inability the part the Department account financial reasons increase the number collectors. Inasmuch as statistics show that physicians in the Borough Brooklyn are not as alert use antitoxin in cases diphtheria, or for immunizing purposes, as are those Manhattan, I deem very important that every inducement should offered best online writing services lead them adopt this now thoroughly accepted method the treatment diphtheria, and I would, therefore, most urgently ask that the matter the location culture stations again thoroughly considered, and that new stations established wherever necessary, in order that physicians may have every opportunity obtaining antitoxin without having travel long distances.

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Scarlet Fever The cases scarlet fever reported during best essay writing service review were.

This an increase cases over.

During the same period, however, the deaths for were but, as compared with for. writing services online This would show that either the disease during the present year has been very much milder than was during the past year, or what dissertation literature review example probably the case, the physicians have reported the cases scarlet fever attended them a much fuller extent. Measles The total number cases measles reported during. This a decrease, over the previous year. Small-pox The number cases reported date in this borough. This includes two cases, one from Ellis Island and the other from the Borough Manhattan. This cases less than were reported during. The total number vaccinations amounted, being a decrease.


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